LGI Simulation Modeling

Larry Goins, LGI Simulations Modeling
Larry Goins is an experienced Simulation Modeling Professional and owner of LGI Simulation Modeling, a consultancy he founded in 1987. In this capacity Larry brings over 25 years’ of experience modeling and analyzing manufacturing, material handling, transportation and pedestrian flow environments. His experience covers a broad range of industries, including tire manufacturing, consumer goods, steel manufacturing, pulp and paper, warehousing, distribution and ports, among others.
As a simulation consultant, Larry develops discrete event, 3D models, to help clients analyze and design various types of systems.  The goal of every project is to provide analysis and insight which clients can use to make informed decisions. 

Some of the systems LGI models

  • Material handling
  • Warehousing & Distribution
  • Intermodal operations
  • Ports
  • Agent based
  • Pedestrian flow
  • Transportation

When do clients use simulation?

  • To validate a system design.
  • To increase system throughput.
  • To evaluate multiple design options.
  • To improve system performance.

The advantages of simulation modeling

  • Unlike static analysis techniques, variability can be represented in a simulation model.
  • Simulation sells ideas, concepts and solutions.
  • A simulation model is a risk-free environment where ideas, concepts and designs can be tested prior to implementation.