Lynda Gronlund 


Personal trainer, martial arts instructor, swordsman, writer, renaissance woman

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Personal Training Rates and Payment Options

ACE Personal Training Certification  The personal training certification I'm working toward.

Washtenaw County Recreation Center I am a substitute instructor in Martial Arts Kickboxing here; I will be training clients here as soon as I am fully certified.

Aegis Academy of Swordsmanship Here, I teach swordsmanship, write for the marketing department, manage the web content and do the occasional odd job like helping with drywall. :) I'm currently working on a massive instructor handbook.

PKSA Karate (website in transition) is where I study and teach Tang Soo Do Karate. I am currently teaching at the Saline sattelite location on Wednesdays and Fridays and working toward a red belt.

Mathematical Reviews My day job, where I do library stuff.

My Linked-In Profile Where you can find my past experience and other professional things

12 Steps Martial Arts by Jibril Naeem, who is the regular teacher of the kickboxing class I sub for and an excellent instructor in several arts.

Sun Shen Tai Chi, a school run by some other friends of mine whom I've had some opportunity to play with.

Musashi's Bar & Grill, an Australian school run by another friend, who broke his shinai on mine in a Steak N Shake parking lot at 4am, once long ago.

Northern Mantis Kung Fu, with whom I studied in 2001 while in London

Blog Where I put updates or expound upon things that come to mind.

Bio: I am 28 years old, and I wear a lot of hats. By day I work in a technical library. By night, I like to joke that I'm a superhero in training. I practice and teach Western European swordsmanship, karate and kickboxing as well as self-defense. I am pursuing the ACE personal trainer certfcate and am in the process of creating a training business. I'm also working on a book about women in martial arts among other projects.

This website is an experiment. I expect to be creating a business site soon and we'll go from there. For now, anyone who is interested can check here to find out what I'm up to.