• "Not only has the bowling league been a place where my son Dan had the opportunity to find  friends and enjoy an activity he is capably of participating in, but it has been an opportunity for my husband and me to find friendship with other parents who understand the ups and downs of our family life."

  • "I have been involved in either creating or sponsoring various special needs programs in Lagrange. Those programs include the youth and adult special needs soccer program, challenger youth baseball, adult special needs basketball, youth cheerleading and, of course, the bowling program. While each program is unique and offers something different to the special needs community, the bowling program is special in many ways."
    "First the bowling program is not weather dependent. Second, it enables those with very significant infirmities to participate (those who would not be able to participate in  soccer or baseball due to the nature of being on turf). Last --- siblings and parents all seem to come to bowling. Having a special needs child creates special needs for the parents and the siblings of the special needs child.
    Clearly, the network of support that has developed through bowling for both the parents and siblings of special needs kids is far superior to that seen in the other sports. I can't explain why --but you would have to be at the lanes to really appreciate the nature and depth of that support network.
    My firm is proud to support the efforts of the special needs community. The bowling program is an indispensable cog in that wheel."

    - Jeff Feldman
    Feldman, Kleidman & Coffey LLP

  • "Well I think that challenger bowling has been such a great thing for Pam.  We know some of the kids doing the bowling but since we started a year ago we have made family friends that have gotten us to get together outside of challenger bowling.   Pam has made some girlfriends who are just so important to her.  I like the parent involvement and, of course, it runs with a good attitude and love.  For this we are thankful.  Thank you for all your behind the scenes work."

  • "My 5 year old bowled in the Winter and Summer league. This was a first for him and us, being a part of a team. Not only did we ALL look forward to bowling each week, it gave him self confidence and pride (regardless of what his score was). We are now venturing into baseball for the Fall and again, we will give it a try. To be a part of a challenger league as a parent is amazing. You know the other team members have challenges and it's ok if your child is being who he is inside, behaviors surface or frustration mounts. You know the other parents know what you may be feeling inside. I always say, my son is perfect to me, it's the rest of the world who should try to see him for who he is and embrace that. This happens with the Challenger community and it warms my heart as his mother. We are blessed to have these opportunities in our community.