Markers, Monuments & Headstones

KY historic Marker
In 2001, the Cemetery was placed on the National Register of Historic Places by the U.S. Department of the Interior, National Park Service.

In 2010, a Kentucky Historic Marker was installed in Linden Grove Cemetery. The marker provides a permanent indication of the historic and cultural significance of the Cemetery in the development of the City of Covington and Northern Kentucky. The dedication ceremonies for the Historic Marker and the Nancy Slagle Memorial Grove were coordinated to coincide with the dedication of the replacement headstones for the Confederate Veterans on Memorial Day weekend and the Annual Covington Memorial Day Parade, from May 29 to May 31, 2010. The widespread publicity and media coverage of this event contributed significantly to expanding regional awareness, appreciation, and interest in the Cemetery. Cost $3,000. Funding for this project was provided by a grant from the William Dally Foundation and the Cemetery’s 2009-2010 operating budget.

Confederate Headstones
In May 2010, nine headstones for the Confederate Veterans buried in Linden Grove Cemetery were replaced under the auspices of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

The original headstones had deteriorated to the point that they were unreadable and unrecognizable. The replacement headstones were furnished at no cost by the United States Department of Veterans’ Affairs.
Linden Grove,
Apr 9, 2013, 6:24 AM