Linden Grove Cemetery is an historic cemetery that is situated on 22.3 acres in the City of Covington, bounded on the east by Holman Street, on the north by West 13th Street, on the west by Kavanaugh Street, and on the south by Linden Avenue. Linden Grove Cemetery was officially consecrated on September 18, 1843 on land originally owned by the Western Baptist Theological Institute.  Benjamin Grove, a landscape gardener, was the designer responsible for the Cemetery’s layout.

Among those buried at Linden Grove are:

Historic Linden Grove

Over the succeeding decades, the Cemetery continually fell into disrepair and neglect. The situation degenerated to the point that in 1948, the Kenton County Circuit Court ordered the Cemetery property placed into receivership. Until 1998, a series of Trustees, appointed by the Court, was responsible for care, maintenance, and financial management of the Cemetery. Unfortunately, this system proved insufficient to the task of properly maintaining the Cemetery and a new management approach was required. An Inter-Local Agreement for the care and maintenance of Linden Grove Cemetery was executed in 1998 between the City of Covington and the Kenton County Fiscal Court.  The Inter-Local Agreement established a Board of Overseers to manage and operate the Cemetery.