Youth Group Staff

Youth Director

Craig Ing

Craig and Nora Ing have been working with the Youth of LGCC for over 25 years. Craig was born and raised in Hawaii and loves to go back often. In fact he often visits family and his old alma mater Punahou where President Obama went to school. Nora was born in Hong Kong but moved to the U.S. when she was two years old (but she still can speak Cantonese). She grew up in the town of Salinas, California. Craig graduated from Art Center College of Design in Graphic Design and had his own studio for over 20 years. He is now the part-time Youth Director and attended classes at Western Seminary in the MDiv program (which he hopes to finish before he’s too old). Nora is a Realtor and is trained as a Court Stenographer. They have three children, a daughter and two sons. Kristelle is their eldest and has a daughter, Zoe. Matthew just graduated from UC Davis in Mech. Engineering and is working. David, the youngest, is a 4th year at UC San Diego majoring in Computer Science. He is also a musician, and you may hear him lead worship sometimes at LGCC when he’s home. They love helping youth grow in their relationships with God and each other. Craig and Nora feel honored to serve the Youth at LGCC.

Small Group Counselors

Nicky Lee
Director's Assistant 
Small Group: L&L

LGCC has been my home since I started attending the youth group in 6th grade.  Even when I went to college on the east coast, I still considered LGCC to be my home church.  I was part of student leadership during my high school and that passion carried over into college where I eventually graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Christian Ministries with a concentration in Youth Ministry.  Currently I work part time at LGCC, assisting Craig Ing in the daily running of Kairos.  It has been a great joy to give back to the community that has supported me during my development as a youth and I am thrilled to have this opportunity to offer this next generation the same opportunities for growth that I had.

Nora Ing
Small Group:  Anchor
Passion Team: Proclamation

For bio see Craig Ing.

Vivian Cheng
Parent Liason

LGCC has been my spiritual home since 1992.  I have two kids, both entering adulthood, ages 20 and 18. They grew up in Kairos, formerly GAVE. Watching them struggle in their spiritual walk has confirmed my belief that knowing the Truth and setting a solid foundation in God's Word is vital before they head out to explore different areas of the world.  I joined Kairos in order to encourage youth to see life and the world from varies angles while being founded in God's words. If any struggles or opportunities arise, I would like to see them to reach out to God first and to be able to defend themselves with the WORD. 

I love spending time with my kids. My son Caleb is a commuter student, while my daughter Kaitlyn studies in SoCal. I like to cook with Kaitlyn and spend mother-daughter time together while walking and through light exercise. I try (very hard) to play video games with Caleb, but the games can still be difficult for me to understand at times. I definitely have cannot coordinate all fingers to move into different directions and to follow commands at the same time. He teases by saying that these video games will train my brain as well as my hand-eye coordination to prevent early development of Alzheimers. 

Besides being a liaison between parents and the Kairos youth group, I also serve in Children's Ministry teaching the lovable adorable little people between the ages of 2.5- 4 years old. I will also co-teach Junior High girls for one quarter which will help me stay in touch with students in this age group. Being a part of Junior High helps me to understand this age group better as a whole and help me find the best way to serve them.

Feel free to let me know areas that I need to improve to better serve as the liaison between parents and the youth group.

Jonathan Wong
Smalll Group: Overcomers
Passion Team:  Hospitality/Prayer

I’m from Fremont and attended SVAC (Milpitas) while growing up. I’ve been working at a startup, but this past spring I also taught as an instructor at UC Berkeley in the Civil Engineering department. I enjoy various physical activities such as badminton, biking, and camping. I’ve been attending LGCC for 5 years and this will be my first year as a counselor for Kairos.

Mark Chiu
Small Group:  DAB

I’ve been with LGCC since 4th grade, mostly growing up in the South Bay location at LGCC YMCA. My parents are Tom and Lucia who are in Shanghai now pastoring a church. I have 2 older sisters and a younger brother. My family have spent time in several parts of the world, making stops in Boston, Hong Kong and Singapore. I started working with the youth group back in 2008 and have been helping with the jr high youth since.

Katerina Leung
Small Group: Anchor
I'm Kat(erina) and am excited to work with the youth this year :) I grew up at LGCC and started going to youth group when I started high school. Throughout some struggles in high school, God showed me more of who He is and showered me with his love through the counselors and others around me at youth group. I was able to find a community that I could share my personal and spiritual struggles with; I just hope that Kairos will be able to find the same kind of safe haven and encouragement that I was lucky to have when I was growing up. After studying and graduating with an architecture degree at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, I'm back and eager to serve the youth, encourage them to know God deeper, and walk with them through life during this time of growth. In my spare time, I enjoy making music with friends, making art, road trippin', eating out and the occasional outdoorsy activity.

Janie Lin (left)
Small Group: KBBQ
Proclamation: Interactive/Integration

I've been at LGCC for about a year and a half after living in SF for 5 years. Moving down to South Bay has been an immense blessing in terms of being able to find a community of brothers and sisters to grow alongside with, encourage and challenge each other. I was born and raised in a Christian family but would say only as of more recently have I begun to seek after the Lord in earnest. Since coming to LGCC I have wanted to serve and be more involved in the community. I've quickly discovered that the youth ministry is not only a great opportunity to serve but to learn and be encouraged as well. Pray for the Lord's leading me to serve the youth as a counselor as much as this ministry has helped me already.


Kristy Li
Small Group: Overcomer
Passion Team:  Hospitality

Kristy joined Kairos as a counselor and has been with LGCC for a little over 2 years. Previously, she was a member of Seattle Chinese Alliance Church. She teaches grades 3, 4, & 5 Sunday School and was a counselor for middle school girls at her old church. Kristy is a consultant at Accenture and works on business strategy and user experience with various high-tech clients. She was born in Toronto and grew up in Seattle where she graduated from the University of Washington. She has a younger brother and a younger sister who live with her parents in Seattle. Kristy grew up in the church, and was baptized in 2007 after she returned from a mission trip to China. She has a passion for walking alongside youth and guiding them to realize their own faith in Christ. Kristy feels blessed to serve with her husband and the other leaders in the ministry and is excited to be part of God's work in Kairos.


Christopher Li

Small Group:  KBBQ
Passion Team:  Integration
Chris was born and raised in Oakland, moved to Millbrae for middle school and high school, then graduated from UC Davis in 2011. His parents reside in Millbrae and his one older brother is a pharmacist. Chris has been working at Space Systems Loral as a satellite antenna electrical engineer since 2012. He came to LGCC in October of 2013 during Mission month and has stayed since. He married Kristy in May of 2015 at LGCC and they now live in Campbell. Chris grew up in the church and was baptized in 2007. He served in college as a freshman and transfer student fellowship leader. With the non-academic experiences he's gained from school, as well as, post-college life, Chris has a passion to use what God has taught him to impact the younger generations. He's now serving Kairos as a counselor and has loved every minute of it. Chris enjoys motorsports, playing sports, food, travel, and time with loved ones.

Toby Lee

Small Group:  L&L
Passion Team: Hospitality

Hey! I'm Toby, and I'm excited to serve with Kairos this upcoming year! I grew up attending SVAC (Milpitas), where God cultivated my heart to lead and serve during high school. He's refined that heart through many struggles during my college years, where I experienced firsthand a community of enduring/sacrificial love and support for one another that I hope to bring to Kairos. I started attending LGCC since last summer, and after graduating from Northwestern University in Spring 2016 (and beginning my career at a digital advertising agency in San Francisco), I'm thrilled to be back to serve and encourage the youth in their relationships with both God and one another in a Christ-centered community. In my spare time, I enjoy eating, discovering new food places, nerding out to the latest developments in advertising, cooking, attempting to play guitar, and spending meaningful time (online and offline) with friends.

Rachel Lo
Small Group:  Redempsheep
Passion Team: Proclamation

I am a sales engineer at a cloud tech company called Box, and was born and raised within a loving Christian family in Cupertino, CA. I'm passionate about my faith and community at LGCC, my family, and my work in technology and healthcare,
God has slowly been calling me to counsel Kairos since I moved back home after working in Madison, WI and Atlanta, GA. Though my parents continually expressed their faith and I went to church and BAAYF camp, I struggled with the need for religion in high school, college and in my first job. I want to now be able to share my winding walk and experiences.

Lydia Tam
Small Group: Overcomers
Passion Team:  Hospitality/Prayer
Hi! I’m Lydia! My family lives in Oregon but I am currently in the bay area for school. I am a fourth year at Stanford University studying biology with a concentration in neurobiology (braaaainnns). I was heavily involved with my on-campus fellowship, but felt God’s calling for me to serve the youth at LGCC, so that’s why I’m here! I have been a Christian for all of my life, but didn’t truly understand what it meant to be a Christ-following disciple until high school. My hope is to develop strong friendships with the youth, encourage them to depend on the Lord, and journey alongside them in their spiritual walks. When not studying for those midterms that never seem to end or spending endless hours in a research lab with my mice, you could find me skyping with family, napping (!!!), and or cooking random things. At LGCC, you may have also seen me playing violin for worship team and or running around with tiny humans ages 3-5 in Children’s Sunday School. I’m super excited to join the team, and can’t wait to get to know the amazing youth of Kairos!

Jessie Lwi
Small Group: Anchor

Hello! I serve as one of the Middle School Girls counselor at Kairos. I recently graduated with the class of 2015 from Gunn High School, and currently a Psychology major at De Anza College. Yup, I myself was a youth at Kairos not so long ago... now I leveled up! I’m not raised in a christian home (Please pray for my family), so my first time really hearing the gospel was when a friend had invited me to a summer retreat (BAAYF 2012) my sophomore year. I didn’t hesitate to accept Jesus Christ into my heart and have been a part of the LGCC family ever since. This youth group, church, and God have given me so much more than I could ever ask for; I’m grateful to have the opportunity to give back.

Emmett Lee
Small Group: Tofu House

Hi I’m Emmett and I’m currently a Freshman at De Anza College. I currently live in Menlo Park with my parents, So Kam Lee and Walter of the English congregation, who have been going to LGCC since before it was at its’ current Mountain View location. Including my parents, I have two older sisters, Amanda Lee and Clarissa Lee, who graduated from the same high school as myself (Menlo-Atherton High school). They grew up in the youth group and both had their own struggles fitting into but I hope that the current youth group is one where all can grow and feel like they belong. Personally in my own walk I didn’t understand how blessed I was to grow up in a Christian family and how the conviction of faith wasn’t something that everyone possessed in the same amount. I chose my faith because I have no doubt in my mind that Jesus died to save me and that I will be there with many if not all of you as well. Its still something that I want to improve on expressing but I hope that it can inspiration to the other youth. I was in the Kairos’s Vanguard 2014-15 and hope to use my time as a counselor to give me insight into how I can better teach and share my faith to the other youth. 

Interests: You can find me spending a lot of my free time playing badminton, league of legends, or just hanging out in person or online so if that’s what you or your kid(s) are into they can always talk with me about that or anything else!  If badminton is your thing I’m in contact with Synergy Badminton Academy coaching staff and am certified regional umpire so, feel free to ask questions!

David Ing
Small Group:  Redempsheep
Passion Team: Worship

I’ve been serving as a worship leader for the past 7 years and have helped develop worship leaders in college ministries for the last 4 years. I’m currently worship director for the Youth Christian camp BAAYF and I serve as worship counselor for Kairos. I am deeply passionate about finding true identity in Christ God’s power over our brokenness, and for declaring these truths about God through worship.

Jon Hsu

Passion Team:  Worship

I have been helping with youth group for many many years. I work full time and also go to school. I do all technical aspects for youth group.

Matt Ing
Small Group:  KBBQ
Passion Team:  Interactive Ministry 

I have been at LGCC since before birth.  I lived a faith-like lie for a good 12 years before understanding that Christianity is a personal choice not a game to play or be good at.  After that realization I took a leap of faith and never looked back.  Besides  having an obvious relation to Craig, Nora, and David,  I am a Business student at Santa Clara University.  My interests include actively tutoring, talking to, and chilling with youths as well as anything you're brave enough to form an original opinion about.  I am honest to say that I am still not "cool" yet, though that may never happen.