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Joining The Kairos Team

Why Become a Kairos Youth Counselor?

The short answer is because God has called you to serve Him in that ministry. We encourage people to seek God’s leading because the most important issue for any ministry is God’s leading and guidance.

Other benefits of serving God in Youth ministry are:

1.  Deep impact on a young person’s faith and life forever – often relationships and connection last a long time and even become life-long friendships. Impact on students usually corresponds to the level of investment and commitment of the counselor. But you always get more than you put in.

2.  God can use this ministry to bring you to the next level in your faith and life. – Many of us have found God using our ministry to youth as bridge to the our next level and means to train us for more. God has definitely use Youth ministry to grow us in faith.

3.  Youth ministry has a very profound effect on God’s mission. 
– Youth from LGCC have become missionaries, pastors, leaders and workers throughout the Kingdom (not to mention here at LGCC too). So you get to be a part of His plan for the World.

What Qualifications and Qualities are needed?

1.  The first and most important qualification is a deep, on-going love relationship with God. Being saved and knowing God are perhaps the most important qualifications.

2.  A Heart to love teens – Teens respond to love, especially God’s love. The most important impact you can have is sharing God’s Love with our teens as God has loved you.

3.  A love for and growing knowledge of the Word. Teens often have needs for advice and answers to thorny questions. While you don’t have to have all the answers you do need to be in touch with the source of His wisdom.

How How do I get started?

1.  First pray, pray, pray

2.  Come to Kairos and observe and hang out with us. Did I mention you should pray? 

3.  See if you sense God’s calling/leading. 

4.  Then talk to Craig, Nora, Nicky, Cathy and/or one of the counselor team about joining us. And guess what? We’ll all pray with you about joining.   Craig Ing:   cing@lordsgrace.org
Cathy Cuyle:  c2kong@gmail.com
Nora Ing:  noraing@gmail.com