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Small Groups

We have a large number of kids in our Youth Group, therefore it is split into four groups, which we call "Cell Groups". The purpose of these Cell Groups is so that, apart from the normal message and worship in Youth Group, kids will have a chance to bond with each other in smaller groups. They will be able  to participate in small group discussions and in opportunities to serve one another, as well as to be able to take on roles of leadership.

NOTE: If you do not know which cell group you are in, please contact Nora Ing!
HS = High School
JH = Junior High 
 Overcomers (HS) Redempsheep (HS) KBBQ (HS) 

Kristy Li

Lydia Tam

Jonathan Wong

David Ing  

Rachel Lo

Sam Wong

Christopher Li

Matthew Ing

Janie Lin

 L&L (JH) Tofuhouse (JH) DAB (JH)     Anchor (JH)

Nicky Lee 

Toby Lee

Emmett Lee

Mark Chiu

Craig Ing

Jessie Lwi
Katerina Leung

Nora Ing