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Over 100 tobacco control advocates joined us for the 2007 LGBTI Anti-tobacco summit. The day was full of speakers, workshops, networking and poster presentations! You can look at workshop notes taken at the summit by clicking here . You can view a slide show of pictures taken at the summit here and you can read personal blogs of summit attendees here.

Thank you to all who attended, all who helped plan, and all whose dedication and passion is helping this movement take giant leaps forward! Please stay updated for more information about a possible summit in 2008 and a definite LGBTI Anti-tobacco summit in 2009!



Come Join LGBTI and Tobacco Control Leaders from across the country to learn successful solutions and innovations being used to improve LGBTI health today.

 It’s a don’t miss event!


The 2007 LGBTI Anti-Tobacco Summit Planning Committee invites you to participate in the 5th Annual National LGBTI Anti-Tobacco Summit in Minneapolis, MN, directly preceding the 2007 National Conference on Tobacco or Health.

 For over 4 years now LGBTQI tobacco activists from across the country have been gathering to share their lessons learned about best strategies and plans for how to turn the tide on LGBTQI tobacco use.  These annual Tobacco Summits, convened one day before the National Conference on Tobacco or Health, have been a key resource for people working on LGBT tobacco disparities.  Planners have been working on this year’s 5th anniversary summit for months and it promises to be the biggest yet.  So come join us for a day packed with information and networking opportunities.




Expanding Our Movement:

Lessons from the Field



  • Keynote Speaker: Francisco Buchting* of CLASH -Coalition of Lavender Americans on Smoking and Health
  • What’s Hot?  Innovative work being done to reduce smoking in the LGBTIQ communities
  • A lunchtime presentation from Rescue Social Change on strategies for norm change in LGBTIQ youth and young adults
  • Workshops designed for allies interested in working with LGBTI communities
  • Unique programming by and for LGBTIQ youth
  • Interactive break-out sessions throughout the day


Co-Chairs for this year’s summit are:

  • Antonio Cardona, Tobacco-Free Lavender Communities of MN
  • Susan Hollinshead,  LGBTIQ Health Activist
  • Jennifer Woodard, SmokeFree GLBT, The GLBT Community Center of Colorado



* Dr. Francisco O. Buchting is the vice president of Clash (the Coalition of Lavender Americans on Smoking and Health) and Director of Strategic development and Knowledge Transfer at ETR Associates.  His career includes: bilingual clinical practice in behavioral medicine; writing research articles; he is co-author of a bi-monthly newspaper column on health; work in integrated marketing communication; service on community based organization boards; museum advisory committees; and extensive personal involvement in health advocacy and community activism.  His recent work includes chairing a synthesis meeting to discuss sampling issues among LGBT of color and subsequently co-editing a report about the findings from the meeting.  He promises to be a provocative speaker who will highlight past successful efforts by the LGBTIQ tobacco control and research movement, but also discuss future challenges around tobacco control from outside and within our communities.  He is passionate about tobacco control being a social justice issue and the imperative to expand the movement for the future.

The summit provides opportunities for attendees to share new information, lessons learned, and best practices from the field; build skills of LGBTI leaders to address tobacco; and to develop cultural competency for mainstream tobacco control organizations to work effectively to include and welcome LGBTIQs in their programming.  The conference is OPEN TO ALL – active LGBTI tobacco control professionals, anyone in tobacco cessation and prevention, LGBTI health professionals, young people, state and local level tobacco control professionals, etc… 


If you have an interest in LGBTI Tobacco Control, we encourage you to attend.


Youth Mission Statement: Using the National LGBTI Anti-Tobacco Summit as a vehicle, the Youth Committee is dedicated to promoting youth advocacy regarding tobacco prevention, cessation, and policy to liberate LGBTI communities from tobacco use.


This year, the youth committe is planning to present two workshops during the summit, creating an action room for youth to spend their time in throughout the day of the summit with creative and empowering activities, and hosting a youth mini-ball the night of the summit.


Click here to join the Youth Planning Committee.