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  This guide wants to become a source of information on LGBT topics from videos on Youtube presented by real LGBTQ people and their allies and friends.

 This focus on topics is also a way to bring more light into the public debate for LGBT rights, being part of human rights. 
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These videos being public should allow for strangers to leave fears aside and get to know the human nature of these equal beings whose lifes can not be compared to those of who make a living of actions which result in making others suffer.

Youtube, a social network of our times, allows the LGBTQ Community to express their opinions and feelings visually, making it possible to find themselves belonging to a wider community of human beings sharing their views and hopes.

When LGBT people and allies express their concerns on topics that can take a heavy toll on their lifes, points on reasoning are being made.  
  The great contribution that LGBT people are able to make to the evolution of society - as it has been proved in the past by artists, scientists and qualified professionals - should move the obstacles away from new generations being able to achieve more.

These are realities, and the truth is based on what is real for real in opposition to what it is not, even when superstitions are simulated to seem real. Throwing of fears extended from old superstitions because of the lack of knowledge is not an excuse to make the life of anyone more miserable by taking their human rights away.


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