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Synod on the Family 2014.

LGBT Catholic Westminster pastoral reflection day talk by Terry Prendergast

Press release in response to the Synod's document can be found here

Speeches at the pre-Synod Conference in Rome, 3 October 2014, The Ways of Love: International Conference towards Pastoral Care with Homosexual & Trans People, organised by the European Forum of LGBT Christian Groups, Italian LGBT Catholic Groups, New Ways Ministry, & Dignity USA. Details: 

The Ways of Love Conference (Rome October 2014): International Conference for a Pastoral Care with Homosexual and Transsexual People. 

European Forum of LGBT Christian Groups 

Synod 2014 Final Report 

Vatican Bulletin: Synod 14 - "Relatio Synodi"

Cardinal V. Nichols Pastoral letter after the Synod 

Sunday programme on the Synod. - 

(Sunday Programme includes Cardinal Vincent - scroll into 4.39 minutes & Mark Dowd, 38.00 minutes)