The groups below are very dangerous.

These groups' disdain for LGBT's have blinded them to science, reality, the Bible, and most especially the love of Christ. Please pray that one of their own children are never - through God's creation - given an LGBT orientation. We pity such a child. The methods of these groups bring no results, have been banned in courts, and their practices are in the process of being deemed illegal (across the country) for the harm they cause. These people claim to attempt (not actually complete) to save the "sexually broken" and claim that their plan - a "better plan" - is superior to God's design of nature and His wondrous variation. They place themselves as God's "judge and jury" over our Maker's creation. "Being right" with their ideologies trumps their discrimination of an innocent group. Their lack of humility and godly good sense causes profound and perpetual damage. Such hate only comes from broken souls.


They have been known to offer up false "success" stories. See the deception of Ann and John Paulk below. Do you want to become an instant 

celebrity? Tell the fringe far right that you successfully converted your orientation to what it "should" be. It's easy. All it takes is to be gay and to lie. You 

might even get money and speaking positions at conferences. With these folks, compassion and empathy have become impossible as "being right" has 

become their graven image of God. 

They are dishonest with their figures and have even created mischief of Wikipedia (sourced through the public). They claim that the closure of a near 
forty year old "gay reparative" ministry had no direct impact on the member ministries. This would be tantamount to saying the closing of Major League Baseball would have no impact on the minor leagues. Hint to anti-gay groups: If you are going to lie try and make it believable. See HERE

WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE?  Yes. But have all things been made possible? Not for the millions of gays who tried to "pray the gay" away and spent nights crying themselves to sleep. We have yet to see these instantaneous transformations:
    - a white person becoming black
    - a person re-determining their natural hair color (the truly natural color)
    - a person of 5 feet becoming a foot taller by choice
    - a true gay person willfully be able to choose his orientation
God appears to fearfully and wonderfully make us as he sees fit and we can't challenge his handiwork. 


NARTH (banned in some places for junk science) National Association of Research and Therapy for Homosexuals   Read article about them HERE.   Read about how NARTH's "Junk science" was thrown out of court HERE.

Restored Hope Network (began out of the denial that Exodus International had actually failed... they are relentless in their ignorance
 and their willingness to destroy lives)


 Stephen Black of First Stone Ministries  "sexually and relationally broken into a liberating relationship with Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. "     NEWS FLASH:  Gay people aren't broken.

Andrew Comiskey of Desert Stream Ministries    "the evil one seeks to use sexual and relational brokenness to destroy lives."   NEWS FLASH: 
You are the evil one by selling your "snake oil" therapy and destroying lives. LGBT people are NOT broken.

Joe Dallas of  Genesis Counseling   "But sin, both through its inborn nature and its practice, has perverted what was once good into something that has become a source of tremendous pain and confusion."   NEWS FLASH:  It is  a source of confusion only to those who listen to fundamentalist bigots. Many LGBT's live happy lives."

David Kyle Foster (Mastering Life Ministries)    "fix sexual brokenness"   TRANSLATION = Being Gay

Dr. Robert Gagnon (Pittsburgh Seminary)    His work is what a life of painful over-compensation looks like... so sad (there is room on the other team)

Michael Newman (Christian Collation Reconciliation Ministries)   You failed under Exodus International... do you think a new name will make a difference? 

Anne Paulk and Frank Worthen (New Hope Ministries).  Who's confused?  John Paulk, once a poster boy for the ex-gay movement, disappeared from the public eye after he left his role as chairman of Exodus International in 2003. Now, 10 years later, Paulk is back in the spotlight–but this time he's apologizing for the reparative therapy he used to promoteNews broke when Paulk, who now works as a caterer in Portland, Oregon, told Proud Queer Monthly (PQ) that he no longer supports the "ex-gay movement or efforts to attempt to change [individuals' sexual orientation]." Paulk then issued a formal letter of apology (full text below), which revealed that he and his wife Anne Paulk, who describes herself as a former lesbian, are seeking a divorce. (The couple participatedtogether in controversial ad campaigns.)   See HERE.

Dr. Michael Brown is the product of hyper-intellectualism. He cannot decide whether he is a Jew or Christian so he chose both (Messianic Jew). In a debate he throws out such beauties as "We are called to holiness and not heterosexuality" thinking the listeners will quake at the awesomeness of his nonsense. He is a living example of what it is like to live "too much in one's head." He claims to be an expert on homosexuality but cannot quote one first-century statement regarding a committed gay relationship. He is also in denial about the crumbling of Exodus International which he calls a fallacy.
If we can't trust him to see the reality before his face... why should we believe him on anything else?

The link below will take you to a listing of hate groups from the Southern Poverty Law Center