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What we don’t know about Christian marriage

This is easy, right? Folks... you will be stunned to learn that POLYGAMY and “Marriage through Rape” are affirmed in the Bible and never disavowed by God.

I am not suggesting that you take this literally and start practicing polygamy. But neither should you trust literal interpretations from others. Scriptural “cherry picking” is dishonest and is used to marginalize and promote hate. God gave us brains to use! God does favors a marriage that is a consensual, covenantal, and monogamous union between one man and one woman. But this is not the only type of marriage He endorses in the Bible. Here our eight types of marriage:

(1) Six include rape of the wife (unwilling partner) or rape of the concubines.
(2) Three include polygamy

Why don't we hear about these marriages when they quote the Old testament for "traditional"

POLYGAMY  The Bible endorses polygamy in the Old Testament and never... even through the New Testament... speaks against the practice. It's all there. 40 men from the Bible practiced it. See below.According to the Bible, polygamy is not considered sin and is not considered adulterous, promiscuous, or a form of rape. Just the facts.

There is no verse that specifically condemns the practice. The Family Research Council cites two verses regarding exclusivity:

1 Corinthians 7:2-5 ( HERE ) states "... The husband should fulfill his marriage duty to his own wife..." This of course can refer to one of many wives... not necessarily just one.
Genesis 2:22-25 expressly describes a woman being made out of Adam's rib... but fails to acknowledge that two chapters later... POLYGAMY WAS BORN! Genesis 4:19 states that Lamech married two women. 

It is interesting to note that The Family Research Center has the audacity to look fondly upon Solomon. What do we know about Solomon? He had 700 wives and 300 concubines.Nice role model.

As you can see (below) from the 80 polygamists in the Old Testament, polygamy was clearly sanctioned by God. God even spoke to directly to some of the polygamists. God and his people had thousands of years to end this practice and God was silent all the way through the New Testament.

MARRIAGE VIA RAPE      Leviticus 22:28-29   If a man happens to meet a virgin who is not pledged to be married and rapes her and they are discovered,  he shall pay her father fifty shekels of silver. He must marry the young woman, for he has violated her. He can never divorce her as long as he lives.


(1) Why do fundamentalist pastors cherry pick only the verses they "like?" Why aren't we told about other "sanctioned" marriages?

(2) Why do they preach against gay marriage when there are far worse forms of marriage endorsed in the Bible?

(3) Since gay orientation was not understood in the context of the times... how do you know God would be against it?

(4) What other parts of the Bible are you not disclosing? 

(5) Why should I trust that you are not simply parroting the talking points from members of your conservative fraternity?

The following three aspects are used as arguments against same-sex marriage. Let's examine these anew.

Procreation   Rape is certainly no way to impregnate a woman. Nor is impregnating multiple women through polygamy. Even with traditional marriages, it is not uncommon for a couple to be infertile. Are these marriages less valid? Tony Perkins (Family Research Council) and Gagnon (ant-gay) need to get their stories straight. Perkins considers adopting to be "normal" where Gagnon clings to the notion of procreativity.

Complimentarity   Complementarity exists with rape. Does that make it right? Complementarity also exists with polygamy. Is this the right way to marry?

Natural   Rape is considered a natural act of violence not of love. It is unnatural for a woman to wait years (in Solomon's case) to have relations with her husband. 

What’s natural? It is natural for God to offer variety to his handiwork. It would be unnatural if there were no outliers or variants from the norm. Sameness and identicality stem from artificial (unnatural) production methods and not nature. Nature allows for entropy.

Given there are outliers in every aspect of nature, it is not at all surprising that some individuals experience non-normative attractions. It is built into the system that we call nature for this to occur. These folks may be completely normal on other human attributes except for the one item of orientation. Likely having been ostracized most of their lives… they need Christ more than anyone and still the church repels them. It is a disgrace.

It is completely normal for these people to express love. I want for those I care about to have the same paths of happiness and fulfillment I received. No special privileges. Just the same chance. This includes finding a life-long partner with the possibility of adopting children. This means marriage. The Bible is silent on the issue. Forced celibacy would have disastrous effects as it is a man-made non-biblical stop gap  and nobody would buy into it. It is not an inspired response.

It is fascinating how those who favor celibacy for gays are selective in their implementation. If they are to expect celibacy that straights are expected to conform to... then why not also bring over marriage and let them live out this aspect of their life. In other words, why bring over only the punitive celibacy aspect and not the component of marriage?

80 OLD TESTAMENT POLYGAMISTS (Red also included in other list)
(some individuals are imputed, for say, having forty sons)

Twenty-seven people God spoke to in Old Testament
- Adam
- Abraham
- Jacob
- Aaron
- Miriam
-Cain (Gen 4:6)
-Noah (Gen 6:13-21, 7:1-4, 8:15-17)
-Noah and his sons (Gen 9:1-17)
-Job and his friends (Job 38:1-42:6)
-Abimelech (Gen 20:3-7)
-Isaac (Gen 26:24)
-Jacob (Gen 28:13-15, 35:1, 9-12 ... maybe 32:26-29)
-Joshua (Jos 6:2-5)
-Samuel (1Sa 3:4-14, 15:10, 16:7)

-David (1Sa 23:2, 23:4, 30:8; 2Sa 2:1, 5:19, 5:23-24)
-Nathan (2Sa 7:4-16 … 2Sa 12:1 by implication)
-Solomon (1Ki 3:5-15 … maybe 6:11-13)
-Jehu (1Ki 16:1-4)
-Elijah (1Ki 19:9-18)
-Isaiah (2Ki 20:4; Isa 6:8-12, 8:1-11)
-Ahaz (Isa 7:10-25)
-Manasseh and his people (2Ch 33:10)
-Jonah (Jon 1:1-2, 3:1-2, 4:4, 4:9-11)
-Ezekiel (Eze 1:3)
-Hosea (Hos 1:2-5)
-Haggai (Hag 2:10-23)
-Zechariah (Zec 1:1-17)

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