LGB's Test Home Page

... at least I've tried ... 

Story of my nick (LGB, thus the domain lgb.hu) can be interesting … well at first sight at least :)

Some years ago I was informed that LGB also means “Lesbian-Gay-Bisex”. Needless to say that this was not known by me when I selected this nick, and I’ve got quite normal sexual behaviour I hope so (I hope my wife thinks this, too). Also, someone informed me that LGB is a name of a railway model or something similar I can’t remember … Of course none of these meanings is the reason of my nick (he also claimed that I had to give up using domain lgb.hu and I should have donated to the community … eh, what a crazy guy).

The story is much simplier. At High School, me, my friends and my cousins decided to form a so called “demo scene group” (to create something called “diskmag”, at first). The group was founded as the Digital Creatures (DC). However it was so cool (…) to have the chance to choose a “virtual” name to identify each other in the “scene world”. My name is Gábor Lénárt, but here at Hungary we use the opposite order of names than eg English, so my name is Lénárt Gábor when written for Hungarians. Because I can’t find a good name (I’ve used DigiSoft at the age of Commodore-64 though …), I’ve choosen the monogram of my name which is LG (according the order used in our country, again) but it was too short (well it was a good idea not to use this but of course I didn’t know that) so I started to use LGB as can be found in my name: Lénárt GáBor.

That’s all :)