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Play Day Sign Up


January 9 
Golfer of the Month
 Not enough players to make a play day
See you next week for a "Step Aside Scramble"

To sign up for this week's Comanche Trace LGA Playday email  Sherry direct.  No direct link is available. 
 DO NOT click here but the needed address is adsgma@aol.com
List of those who have signed up for the next play: 
***Kite Tees***
****Red  Tees**** 
Harriet Warren
Cindy Gosmano
Cheryl Wood
Glenda Bumpus
Jan Woolnough
Nannine Reynolds
Margie Hirsch
Jane Garbish
Connie Connely
Camille Lupino
Diana Bamerick
 Betty Rees
Helen Herd 
Diane Smith
Nancy McKeen
Trish Butler
Amaya D'Amore
Delayne Sigerman