Lifeng Zhu
I am now a postdoc researcher in University of Pennsylvania, working with Prof.Ladislav Kavan. I recieved my Ph.D. Degree in Computer Science from Peking Univerisity in 2012.

 Address: Moore 103, 3300 Walnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19104

Research Area:
  Shape Modeling in CAD and graphics, including: 
       High quality surface design
       CAD/CAE/CAM Integration
       Customized Fabrication           
       Shape space modeling and exploration                                      
       Interaction techniques in shape design

     B.S. Mathematics, Fudan University, China,  July.2007.
     B.S. Computer Science, Fudan University, China,  July.2007.
     Ph.D. Computer Science, Peking University, China,  July.2012.


    Thin-plate form design and exploration                                                                                       

     An interactive tool for thin-plate forms design and exploration is invented in this project. Thin-plate forms are designed by specifying target folds. It can also be used to simulate both rigid and nonrigid origami.    


    Lifeng Zhu, Takeo Igarashi, Jun Mitani: Soft Folding. Pacific Graphics 2013.  [PDF] [Video] [Project]

    Computer aided Mechanical Assembly Modeling                                                                                       

    A CAD/CAE integation project on Mechanical Assembly Modeling. We aim to model the mechanical assembly from a prescribed function of the assembly.    


   Lifeng Zhu, Weiwei Xu, John Snyder, Yang Liu, Guoping Wang, Baining Guo: Motion-Guided Mechanical Toys Modeling. ACM SIGGRAPH ASIA 2012.[PDF][Video][Supplemental Materials]

    Planar Quadrilateral Mesh Design for Freeform Architecture surfaces

    A construction-aware geometric modeling project. We design a modeling framework for user to control and desing quad meshes on freeform surfaces. 

    Yang Liu, Weiwei Xu, Jun Wang, Lifeng Zhu, Baining Guo, Falai Chen, Guoping Wang: General planar quadrilateral mesh design using conjugate direction field. ACM Trans. Graph. 30(6): 140 (2011) [PDF]

    Creating Surfaces From Curve Networks

    We reconstruct a mesh from curve networks for fast conceptual design.

    Leilei Gao, Lifeng Zhu, Guoping Wang: CurveNetSurf: Creating Surfaces from Curve Networks. Proceeding of IEEE CAD/Graphics 2011: 244-250 (Recommended to Journal of Computer Science and Technology, under review) [PDF]

    Improving Subdivision Surfaces' Quality

    We propose a shape modeling framework using subdivion. Both the surface quality and modeling flexibility are improved under this modeling framework.

    Lifeng Zhu, Shengren Li, Guoping Wang: Modeling smooth shape using subdivision on differential coordinates. Computer-Aided Design 43(9): 1126-1136 (2011) [PDF]

    Sudivision Curves Design With High Quality

    We propose a class of global subdivion curves, with a higher quality on curvature distribution.

    Lifeng Zhu, Guoping Wang: A Class of global subdivision for curves. Journal of Computer-Aided Design  and Computer Graphics. 23(1): (2011) (Domestic Journal, in Chinese)


    Precision control in discrete surface stitching 

    We present a discrete surface stitching algorithm for CAD applications, keeping the whole procedural with a high precision.

    Lifeng Zhu, Shengren Li, Guoping Wang: Accurate stitching for polygonal surfaces. Proceeding of IEEE CAD/Graphics 2009: 227-232 [PDF]



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 Working Experiences
     Researcher, in The Unversity of Tokyo, 2013.4 - 2013.8.
     Visiting Researcher, in Igarashi Design Interface Project, ERATO/JST, 2012.8 - 2013.4.    
     Research Intern, in Microsoft Research Asia, 2010.6 - 2012.6
     Teaching Assistant, for Computer Graphics, PKU, 2009.3-2009.7
     Research Assistant, in Graphics &Interactive Lab, PKU, 2007.9 - 2012.7.