Homeless Ministry
At LIFE FROM THE VINE we believe in being doers of the word. We have a homeless ministry that provides essentials to people struggling on the streets of San Jose CA
Bible College
If you want to go deeper and have a solid foundation in ministry or in your individual walk, then this Bible college is a must for you. You will earn an AA degree through this course as well. Here is a list of topics in the school that will be covered:
Core Courses:
  • Orientation Guide
  • Strategies for Spiritual Harvest
  • Foundations of Faith
  • Kingdom Living
  • Spiritual Strategies (Warfare)
  • Ministry of The Holy Spirit
  • Knowing God's Voice
  • Creative Bible Study Methods
  • Basic Bible Survey: Old Testament
  • Basic Bible Survey: New Testament
  • Developing a Biblical World View
  • Teaching Tactics
  • Methodology of Multiplication
  • Power Principles
  • Biblical Management Principles
  • Principles of Environmental Analysis
  • Management  by Objectives
  • Mobilization Methodologies
  • Leaven-Like Evangelism
  • Women, A Biblical Profile
  • Battle for The Body
  • Jail and Prison Ministry Manual
  • Intercessory Prayer
 Supplemental Courses:
  • Altar Counseling Guide
  • Preparing for Tomorrow...
  • Prophetic Study
  • Psalms Expository Study
  • The Covenant of Abraham
  • What to Do-Confronting Crisis
Men's Ministry
Equiping and teaching men how to how to step into deeper relationship with GOD. 
Woman's Ministry
Equiping and teaching woman that they
have a place in the church and can step into to their GOD given call over their
live's by propeling them into a deeper
relationship with GOD.
Children's/Youth Ministries 
Equiping and teachimg them to have
intament relationship JESUS seeking face and devolping a true relationship with HIM to impact  and restore their own live's and those live's around them knowing the voice of GOD.
street team pushin the GOSPEL!
Missions/Urban Outreaches
El Salvador
Milpitas CA.
San Jose CA.
Selma CA.
San Francisco CA.
Oakland CA.
Sacarmento CA.
join us as we come along
side new life interior community
india and nepal to expand the gospel.
Life from the vine Intl.
Ministries India 
Pastor /Director Ravi kumar
over sees 23 + churches  runs
Orphanages  bible college
  • Bible studies
  • Healing
  • Deliverances
  • and much more