Lifu Huang (黄立富)

   Blender Lab, Room 2148,  Winslow, Troy, NY, US




About Me

I am now a third-year Ph.D. student in the Blender Lab, Computer Science Department, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, supervised by Prof. Heng Ji

I have a broad interest in real world problems related to natural languages, especially to information extraction and knowledge base completion. One of the main challenges for current information extraction tasks is how to extend from the traditional/predefined IE paradigm to a liberal, un-predefined, open, domain adaptive IE paradigm, which form the core of my current research - Liberal Information Extraction

I'm also interested in deep learning techniques, especially in word embedding related techniques, and the applications of neural networks for IE tasks.

I love reading, thinking, discussing, and learning how to communicate and present ideas clearly.

What's New :          
    •   April 25th:  I will do an Research Intern in Allen Institute AI2 during the next 2017 fall with Peter Clark! I'm looking forward the wonderful time there!
    •  March 31st: One paper "Bridging Text and Knowledge by Learning Multi-Prototype Entity Mention Embedding" is accepted by ACL'2017!   
    •  March 4th: One paper "Liberal Entity Extraction: Rapid Construction of Fine-Grained Entity Typing Systems" is accepted by The Big Data Journal!
    •  March 1st: One paper "Expertise-Aware Truth Analysis and Task Allocation in Mobile Crowdsourcing" is accepted by ICDCS 2017!
    • ...