Caracterização de Microestruturas de Aço através

de Análise de Imagens Digitais 

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                                                                                                                                                              Optical Microscopy has been used since van Leeuwenhoek (about three hundred years ago). Nowadays amongst optical microscopy advantages one includes: low cost, easiness of use and contrast of transmission and/or reflection. The present work presents a methodology for metallurgical characterization using digital images analysis. For such a goal, three different computational algorithms had been implemented in order detect and quantify features in metallographic samples. Carbon steel and iron samples were used as examples.  The technique allows the image enhancement according to its colors, the removal of random noises from the image acquiring equipment or  generated as a result of application of previous digital filter  and finally the inclusion or grain (or clusters) quantifying/rating. A statistical analysis at the end of the process shows the grain sized analysis of the grains, the size of the supreme greater, the minor and the average size.        

Artigo: MicroestructeCaracterizationDigitalI  Pôster:  SMCM2007

                                                                                                                                                       Resumos do II Simpósio Mineiro de Ciências do Materiais                                                                                  Ouro Preto | Novembro 2007 | 5  | UFOP/UFMG