Welcome to the Lezant Parish Neighbourhood Development Plan Website 

The Lezant Parish Plan was overwhelmingly adopted in the referendum on 27th February 2020!

About the Lezant Parish Neighbourhood Development Plan.

The Lezant Parish Neighbourhood Development Plan was officially adopted on 27th February 2020 in a public referendum (Referendum Results), this means that the planning authorities will use this document and the policies described within it to guide their decision making process for any plans submitted for Lezant Parish.

It also means that anybody considering submitting plans for development within Lezant Parish should consult the Neighbourhood Development Plan, particularly Appendix 4, the Design Guide, and provide along with their planning application a completed copy of the Design Guide Requisites Checklist contained within this appendix to demonstrate how the proposed plan will fulfil the preferred criteria as detailed in the Neighbourhood Development Plan.

Background information to the plan.

The Government’s Localism Act (2011) is an initiative to enable communities to have a direct say and influence on shaping the development and growth of their local area through the production of a Neighbourhood Development Plan.

The journey to produce such a plan for Lezant Parish began in 2015, and through exhaustive consultations with local residents, including meetings, displays and extensive questionnaires, the resulting plan, reflecting the views of the majority of the residents, was finally adopted by the parish on 27th February 2020.

The task of producing the plan was undertaken throughout by a small group of local residents who volunteered to carry out what proved to be a process that was not always straight forward, fraught with complications and often confusing, but hopefully worth all of the effort, establishing a set of planning criterias that should help to protect and enhance our beautiful parish over the next decade.

The plan also includes a wish list of items and improvements for the parish, Appendix 3, Parish Projects, that received strong public support, and will hopefully influence the Parish Council in their planning, execution and financing of local projects in the future.