Review: J. Becton - Charlotte Collins

posted 13 Oct 2010, 05:11 by Master Oz
This is a long time promised review of a Pride & Prejudice sequel about the minor character Charlotte Collins.
As I am working a lot these days, it is just now, that I sat down writing this. Sorry Jennifer for delaying it. You deserved a much faster way of praising your book. Though I know many other people already wrote about it and we all are sure, you're going to get that contract! It is also thrilling to read, that it is sold in various independent bookstores. Congratulations.

I had read the online chapter before I ordered the book and was seriously taken with the writing style and the way I though the plot would develop. When I finally got the book, and it had a quite long way to travel, I immediately started reading it. And I love it! I do not know how many P&P sequels, prequels, spin offs and whatnot I have already read. But they're many, I assure you! When writing myself, I usually get sidetracked with minor characters (something I got infected by a Finnish writer friend!) and also when reading it is only a matter of time that I wonder what all these interesting people are up to and especially when the happily ever after occured.
Charlotte Collins, neé Lucas, was such a character. I understood her everytime I read P&P but at the same time pitied her fot the life she must have led. In many sequels about the Darcys and Bingleys, she is dealt with, but again just in a minor role. I was always unsatisfied with her development, if there was some. Mr. Collins was usually used as the comical figure he is, and Charlotte as the antipode to Elizabeth's happiness and felicity. From nowadays point of view one usually also pities her for the marital life she had to have lead with Mr. Collins. Ah, shiverings down the spine... Poor woman. But in this book, I was happy to see her progress from this reasonable woman to a heroine one loves. I adore her for her mistakes and her faults and can see many a hint to other characters in P&P. The newly introduced ladies and gentlemen are very well outlined and though one is quite set about the outcome who is evil and who is good, the story is positively captivating and I was excited through the whole reading until it unfortunately ended. But 'tis always with good books: they end some time. In that case it is recommended to start afresh, which I did just a couple of days ago, or hope that there's going to be a continuation. (For example with the Heyer book. I am intoxicated now and had to order the Black Moth series straight away.)
In case of Jennifer Bectons first novel, I am convinced it won't be the last and I am looking forward to the next!