Welcome on the Leyland Manor Project Site.

After blogging solely on the research and other Leyland related stuff, I decided to set up sort of  a Homepage with all the important things concerning the two blogs Leyland Manor Diary by Emmeline Cartwright and the Gentleman's Journal (still in progress) by Lord C.

This is an ongoing research project combining historical fiction with facts, titbits and ramblings on the 18th century, mostly in England. As a historian I will try to set up a semi-fictional research blog concerning the creating of the Leyland story and discussing people, events, culture, arts and everyday life in Georgian England.

Furthermore there is a Discussion Group
with hopefully ever changing topics concerning writing (historical) fiction, beloved heroines and heros in literature, VIPs in history and many many more things.
Just give me feedback, everything is possible!

Enjoy your stay at Leyland!