The Ley Hill Challenge first took place in 2011 with a single course around 6 miles. In 2012 the event moved to a 10km course (very similar route to 2011) and introduced a 5km course which is has less ups and downs than the 10k!
View along the 5km course

 View across the fields on the 10km course

Course Records

5km 19min 49secCJ Shepherd2014
5km 23min 05secCharlotte Verrinder 2014
10km 40min 05secNick Jellema2013
10km 43min 30secFay Cripps 2014

 Year5km Results10km Results 
2011 No event6 miles
20122012 5km2012 10km
20132013 5km2013 10km
20142014 5km2014 10km
20152015 5km2015 10km
20162016 5km2016 10km