Grooming Release Policy

Pet Paw's Grooming Salon will make every effort to insure your dog's safety while in our care. But working with pet's can be unpredictable and the occasional accident may occur. You must review our salon's grooming release policy prior to your grooming appointment.

Pet Paw's Grooming Salon will not be held responsible for clipper burn, minor cuts or skin irritation resulting from grooming pet's with a matted coat or skin issues.

Please note that when a dog is very matted the skin will become unhealthy and sore. Therefore it can be difficult to groom without the possibly of some skin irritation.

Pet Paw's Grooming Salon will not be held responsible for injury or pre-existing condition during or prior to being groomed.

Upon signing the Grooming Release Form on your first visit you here by release Pet Paw's Self Serve Pet Wash & Grooming Salon or it's independent groomers from any Liability associated with medical problems or injury that may be uncovered and or occur during the grooming process.

If your dog does becomes ill or injured you give permission for Victoria Martin, Helen Blair, or Jana Heckman to seek immediate veterinary care of our choice. Unless other wise stated below, and I the owner will agree to pay for all cost for medical treatment provided

If it is found that your dog's illness or injury was the direct result of a Groomer or Pet Paw's Self Serve Pet Wash staff member while in our care. Then the independent groomer in which your dog was being cared for will be responsible for your dog's medical expenses not Pet Paw's Self Serve Pet Wash.

Again our salon takes great pride in our professional groomers they are highly skilled in the art of dog grooming . And they will take every precaution to insure your dog's safety and well being while in the salon

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