Proposal guidelines

Contributors can propose single authored works, co- or multi-authored works, as well as edited volumes. Proposals to the series should follow Lexington Books guidelines (see below) and should include a proposed deadline date. Authors can expect their finished manuscripts to be blind peer reviewed as well as reviewed by the editors. Completed manuscripts should be kept to a limit of 120,000 words. A Lexington Books style guide can be found at the link at the bottom of the page..

General Guidelines:

To submit a manuscript for consideration by Lexington Books, please send the following items to one or both editors

  • a prospectus (see below for details)
  • a detailed table of contents
  • one or two sample chapters
  • your curriculum vitae

 If you are proposing an edited collection, please include titles, affiliations, and brief resumes for each of the contributors.

The prospectus should include: 

  1. A description of the book, describing the core themes, arguments, issues, goals, and/or topics of the work, what makes it unique, what questions it seeks to answer, and why you are qualified to write it.
  2. A description of your target audience (undergraduate or graduate students? scholars? professionals?).
  3. An analysis of competing or similar books (including publishers and dates), indicating distinctive and original elements of your project that set it apart from these other works.
  4. A list of courses in which your book might be used as a text or supplementary text, indicating the course level at which this book may be used.
  5. An indication of whether any part of your manuscript has been published previously, and if it is a doctoral dissertation, what changes you are proposing to prepare it for publication.
  6. The length of the manuscript as a word count.  Will there be figures, tables, or images, and if so, approximately how many?
  7. If the manuscript is not complete, an estimation of when it will be finished.
  8. The names of four to seven respected scholars in your field with whom you have no personal or professional relationship. Include their titles, affiliations, and e-mail addresses.
  9. An indication of whether the manuscript is under consideration by other publishers.
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