Edited Volume, Table of Contents

Introduction: Johnson and Demetriou

I. Origin Stories: Honor and the Challenge of Modernity

"Fighting Together: Civil Discourse and Agonistic Honor"

Dan Demetriou (Philosophy, University of Minnesota, Morris)

"Liberalism and Honor through the Lens of Darwin"

Steven Forde (Political Science, University of North Texas-Denton)

 II. Liberalism and Honor

"Liberal Honor"

Sharon R. Krause (Political Science, Brown University)

"A Neo-Aristotelian Theory of Political Honor"

Steven C. Skultety (Philosophy, University of Mississippi)

"Putting One’s Best Face Forward: Why Liberalism Needs Honor"

Ryan Rhodes (Philosophy, University of Oklahoma).

"Communitarianism and Honor"

Amitai Etzioni (Sociology, George Washington University)

 III: Honor from Citizens to Statesmen

"Gifts, Honor and Liberal Ideals"

Anthony Cunningham (Philosophy, College of St. Benedict/St. John’s)

"Winston Churchill and Honor: The Complexity of Honor and Statesmanship"

Mark F. Griffith (Political Science, University of West Alabama)

"Life in Death: Democracy and Civic Honor"

Ajume Wingo (Philosophy, University of Colorado at Boulder)

 IV: Women and Honor

"The Female Point of Honor in Post-Revolutionary France"

Andrea Mansker (History, Sewanee: University of the South)

 "A Woman’s Honor: Purity Norms and Male Violence"

Joseph A. Vandello (Psychology, University of South Florida) and Vanessa Hettinger (Psychology, University of South Florida)

 V: Honor and National Defense

"Restoring Order: The Ancient Greeks on Taming Honor and Appetite"

Richard Ned Lebow (International Relations, Dartmouth & King’s College)

 "‘The Honour of the Crown’: The State and Its Soldiers"

Paul Robinson (International Relations, University of Ottawa)

 "Honor in Military Culture: A Standard of Integrity and Framework for Moral Restraint"

Joe Thomas (Leadership Education, U.S. Naval Academy) and Shannon E. French (Philosophy, Case Western Reserve University)