Help By Coordinating Activities

Want to learn more about the roles of the different PTO event coordinators?  Don’t be worried if this looks like more than you can handle by yourself!  We often have more than one coordinator, and there are past coordinators willing to help as needed and to help familiarize you with the role.  If you are interested in getting involved with coordinated any of the PTOs activities, let us know.


 Fall Festival Coordinator

  • Organize a meeting(s) with others parents who have volunteered to help with the Fall Festival.
  • Decide with group what games, crafts, and snack to have at Fall Festival.
  • Plan and prepare games, crafts and snack, as needed, to ensure everything is ready for the Fall Festival.
  • Setup the games, crafts and snack the day of the Fall Festival.
  • Delegate setup, coordination, planning, and preparation as needed to others in the group.
  • Fall Festival has a budget of $300.


Student Recognition Coordinator

  • Assist the teacher who is the Student Recognition Coordinator with the Honor Roll bulletin board, if needed.
  • Organize the Honor Roll breakfast at the end of the year.
  •  Arrange a guest speaker.
  • Get juice and Krispy Kreme donuts.
  • Decorate the tables.
  • Arrange for an item for those achieving Honor Roll- past examples: carabiners, wristbands, bumper stickers
  • Student Recognition has a budget of $300.


Staff Appreciation Coordinator

  • Coordinate with other parents who’ve volunteered to help with Staff Appreciation to provide staff with a token of appreciation each month.
  • During Teacher Appreciation week in May, coordinate daily tokens of appreciation for the staff.
  • Staff Appreciation has a budget of $325.


Meal Coordinator

  • Coordinate the meals for Parent/Teacher conference (Oct - 2 evenings) and the Staff Appreciation Lunch (May - 1 day).
  • Decide what to have for the meals.  It has varied from purchasing meat trays, getting Subway sandwich trays, requesting parents to provide all the food, etc. 
  • Coordinate donation of plates, napkins, plastic ware, etc.
  • Decorate meal area, if desired.
  • Budget for Parent/Teacher conference meal is $200.
  • Budget for Staff Appreciation lunch is $150.

Field Day Coordinator

  • Set up meetings with other parents who have volunteered to be on the Field Day planning committee.
  • Decide what activity stations and snacks to have at the end of the year Field Day event.
  • Coordinate the preparation, purchase, and donation of supplies/equipment.
  • Organize and contact volunteers for the day of the event, to let them know where to be at what time.
  • Coordinate the committee and volunteers to setup and tear down the activity stations.
  • Field Day has a budget of $150.

Winter Carnival Coordinator

  • Setup up meetings with the carnival planning committee to prepare and plan for the annual carnival.  This includes the inflatables, basket raffle, food, games, jail, make n take stations, volunteer coordination and publicizing.  All activities will be overseen by the Carnival Coordinator, however, the work can be delegated to committee members as desired.
  • Decide what theme, games, make n take stations, activities, and food to have. 
  • Contact and contract with vendors for the carnival.Coordinate donation of supplies, food, prizes, basket items, etc.
  • Contact companies to request donation of money or items for the basket raffle.
  • Create baskets with donated items, create basket list with items, create and print cards with basket name and items to be placed next to basket. 
  • Send thank you notes to donors.
  • Publicize the event through emails, websites, newspaper, fliers, etc.
  • Coordinate adult and student volunteers for the night of the event.
  • Hold a wrap up meeting after event is over to discuss what went right and what to improve the next year.
  • The carnival has a budget of $600.


 Spirit Wear Coordinator

  • Work with Spirit Wear company/companies to create fliers with Lexington Spirit Wear clothing and gear.  Fliers can go out as much as monthly, and no less than 3 times a school year.
  • Collect money and orders and submit to company. 
  • Organize distribution of orders.  Usually orders go home with the students unless they are too young or the order is a gift.


 SCRIP Coordinator

  • Create a flier with SCRIP card choices.  Fliers can go out as much as monthly and no less than 3 times a school year.
  • Collect money and orders and enter orders into online SCRIP website.
  • Sort SCRIP cards into orders, then organize distribution.  Usually orders go home with students unless they are too young or the order is a gift.


Children’s Ball Coordinator

  • NOTE: This is a newer event for the PTO, so coordination duties may evolve as event matures.
  • Set date for annual Children’s Ball and book date with Lexington Community Center.
  • Contact vendors (photography, DJ, etc) to book date.
  • Publicize event through use of fliers, email, websites, newspaper, etc.
  • Contact area stores, if desired, to request donations.
  • Contact parents to volunteer needed supplies and time.
  • Meet with other Children Ball volunteers as needed to plan and prepare for the event.  This includes making the food and decorating.
  • Children’s Ball annual budget is still being determined.