Techniques and Conditions Treated

Acupuncture is a versatile method of treating illness and is very effective in relieving discomfort. Most patients are successfully treated within a few visits. It is a gentle approach that works for children as well as adults. We treat general ailments as well as specific problems. When the patient presents with a common cold, this acute general ailment is easily resolved. With specific problems like sciatic pain, the goal of the treatment is to provide lasting relief. For chronic illness like asthma, digestive disorders, and auto-immune problems, more time is taken to correct the underlying foundational issues. Loocie uses a variety of acupuncture techniques to produce the most effective result including cupping, taping and laser acupuncture.

Common issues treated at the Center range from musculo-sketetal, respiratory and digestive problems to menopause, migraines and anxiety. Patients with muscle spasms, neck and back pain and headaches get good relief from acupuncture as well as those with all forms of arthritis and sciatica. Older patients we often treat for chronic knee, hip and shoulder inflammation. Currently many women are using acupuncture more often to enhance fertility or treat menopause symptoms relating to hot flashes, insomnia and poor memory.

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