Practitioners of Acupuncture & Oriental medicine believe that the body is healthy as long as energy moves along its pathways called meridians. Imbalances in these meridians may be corrected by acupuncture, which is the stimulation of specific body points with thin, disposable, sterile needles. Acupuncture treatments are often enhanced by Chinese herbal therapy and may be integrated with Western medicine treatment. 

The application of acupuncture gives the body instructions for how to relieve pain, circulate the blood, and correct improper patterns that lead to illness and poor health. This process stimulates the body's production of endorphins that are the natural relievers of pain and stress. By changing patterns that cause disease or discomfort, acupuncture can reinvigorate and restore a more natural flow to the body.

The Director
Patients describe Lexington Acupuncturist Loocie Brown as " highly skilled, knowledgeable and friendly." Her office is calm and welcoming and fosters a healthy atmosphere for open communication. Through her dedicated focus on patients’ treatments, Loocie effectively works to promote vitality and health for each individual. More 

"From a scared 12 year old, through now (adulthood, eep!) you've always treated me as an equal, have been very caring and supportive --- you simply have been a wonderful friend these past 15 years." More

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