7th grade band

Antiphon1-13 review14-22- reviewSectional Wednesday-23-31, & more32-39-review40-45-review
Dreidl Adv. all-record   
Out of the WinterPrep sheet-lines 3&4Prep sheet-lines 5&6Prep sheet-lines 7&8Prep sheet-lines 1&2Prep sheet-all
perf.opp./otherUpcoming-Antiphon performance Opportunity-Nov.3

Antiphon Performance Opportunity--Nov. 3
Flute/oboe, clarinets-pick-up to 14-21, 26-31trumpets-32-39,pick-up to 42-45Low brass-pick-up to 23-26, 51-53
Alto saxes--pick-up to 14-21, 34-39horn,tenor sax-pick-up to 16-21, 25-26Percussion-51-end

LDMS Music,
Aug 30, 2016, 8:49 AM