Welcome to the Lylburn Downing Middle School Music Department page!

LDMS 7th & 8th grade band trip Saturday, May 20th

Proper student behavior while on this trip is essential. The main purpose of this trip is to perform; the rest of the day is a bonus. We represent Lylburn Downing Middle School and want to put our best foot forward. Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. Any behavior that does not meet our school expectations will result in loss of privileges at the park.

What to wear:

Band t-shirt/plain gray t-shirt

 Jeans/jeans shorts/solid blue shorts


7:30AM: Load bus at LDMS

You should have on your band shirt/black t-shirt & jeans/shorts

Be sure to pick up your instrument

10:30AM: Arrive at Kings Dominion; enter park

 Your chaperon has your ticket.

 After you enter the park, wait with your group near the fountain or Plaza Gifts.

10:30AM-11:55PM: Free time in the park

 Wait to be dismissed by Mrs. Doyle.

 Check with your chaperon for lunch meeting area.

 You must travel as a group. Leave no one behind!

 This is not a great deal of time. Do not get in a long line!

12:00PM: Meet chaperon and walk to Picnic Pavilion

 Your chaperon has the meal tickets for your group.

12:15-12:45PM: Eat Lunch. This is a buffet-all you can eat.

Stay in the buffet area until Mrs. Doyle gathers everyone to leave.

12:45-2:55PM: Free time in the park

2:55PM:Meet at entrance near the fountain/Plaza Gifts.

3:00PM: Return to bus, put instruments together, get music

3:10PM: Walk as a group to the Kings Dominion Theatre

3:45PM: Warm-up

4:10PM: Performance

4:30PM: Return to the bus-put away instruments, return folder to Mrs. Doyle

4:45-6:00PM: Free time in the park

 Be sure to check with your chaperon before you leave as a group.

 Reapply sunscreen!

Keep hydrated! Every restaurant will provide a free cup of water-just ask!

6:00PM: Mandatory check in with chaperon

 Once you have checked in with your chaperon, your group will have more free time!

8:00PM: Meet at the entrance near the fountain/Plaza Gifts.

8:15PM: Leave Kings Dominion

11:00PM: Arrive at LDMS-We will make a rest area stop around Charlottesville

Students will be alerted and/or woken approx. 30-45 minutes out from Lexington to make contact with rides and parents.

Rules and Tips:

1. During our performance, including the warm-up, be focused, quiet, and respectful. We are an awesome band-let your behavior reflect this!

2. Students may only leave the park under direct permission from Mrs. Doyle and with a parent chaperone.

3. If you get separated from your group, a parent will be stationed at the Eiffel Tower near the Grand Bandstand throughout the day.

4. If someone in your group does not want to go on a ride, at least one person must wait with that person at the end of the ride.

5. Time water rides to be times that will allow you to be dry for the performance at 4:10.

6. Contact numbers of Mrs. Doyle, chaperones, and students will be distributed before the trip. Make sure every group has multiple cell phones and contact numbers for chaperones and students.

7. Students may not travel alone for any reason. Even brief trips, such as into a store or to a public bathroom, you must have at least one other band student or a chaperone with you.

8. Bring hats, shades and sunscreen. It may not be summer yet, but if you are not careful, you may get burned!

9. Everything at theme parks is expensive. Lunch is all you can eat-so eat up! No food or drink may be taken out of the pavilion area.

10. Keep yourself hydrated. Drink water/lemonade. Avoid sodas! Every restaurant will provide a free cup of water-just ask!

11. Keep a close eye on your money! NEVER flaunt money or keep it in a visible location.

12. Never cut in line or be rude to any staff member or patron of the park. Everyone at the park has spent lots of time and money to have a good time.

13. If you or anyone in your group is hurt or feels sick at any time, you must immediately alert a chaperone and Mrs. Doyle.

14. While traveling in groups, don't be a roadblock to others trying to walk in the park. Keep to the right and keep moving when on a walkway. If you have a backpack with you, remember it takes up space too. Don't swing to a side without first making sure your backpack will not hit anyone.

15. Plan for weather including comfortable walking shoes and rain gear.