Meet Lexcee Reel

Lexcee Reel was born in March of 1981 and grew up in the small, quaint country town of Mt. Pleasant, North Carolina.

When she was young, her mother would take her to the library every Saturday, and Lexcee would always check out the maximum allowed on her library card. Ten books towering taller than her. Every Saturday. Every time. It was a ritual.

Early on, it was evident that this future author was not just a lover of reading or just a lover of writing; she was a lover of words. Reading books and writing works became her way to understand, explain and escape the world.

Her first publication came as a sophomore in high-school when she was honored as one of the young authors in her local school district. The second came just a year later. Both pieces of literature that won awards were poems, and that’s where she found her beginning. 

Poetry allowed her to practice with wordplay and structure. She didn’t know it yet, but she was training herself in the art of writing. Her traditional poetry writings were later transformed into spoken word poetry. After seeing Jessica Care Moore perform on Apollo and then seeing the way people embraced her words, Lexcee knew that this was an art form in which she wanted to be a part. Now she was learning how to strategically place words for power and impact in order to tell complete stories in under two minutes. Three and four years later she found herself winning East Carolina University’s own Apollo night doing spoken word. She was a student by day and writer by night.

With an undergraduate in Mass Communications and English, and two Master’s in English Education and Business, Reel worked as a public educator for 10 years and as a specialist for middle schools another six.

Her full-time job is demanding, and since writing has always been therapeutic for her, she often rises early to write–--releasing stress and capturing her freshest thoughts before daybreak. Now she is a writer by night and professional by day.

Lexcee uses a pseudonym to set her new genre apart from her other works that are more inspirational, self-help Christian devotionals.

The Caroline Peatree Gibbs Series is the first round of fiction books from Mrs. Reel, and Accidents of Attraction is the first book within that series. This genre of her writing appeals to an audience who needs scandal, drama and Jesus. Yes. Her characters are flawed, but then again, aren’t we all.

Reel is also a long-standing playwright and is known for bringing real and relevant characters to life on stage, so it is quite possible that you will see characters from the Caroline Peatree Gibbs Series on a stage near you! Who knows? Maybe you will find the answers to some of the questions you are left with after reading the book. 

Happy reading and watching! 

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