About Lew and Lew's List

I am Lew Visscher, former CFO for Catalyst Repository Systems in Denver, CO - Catalyst was sold to Opentext on January 31, 2019. 

I started Lew’s List in 2002 when 5-6 of my CFO friends were looking for a similar group that we all belonged to that was sponsored by PWC in Boulder which I also helped start. 

In 1993 I assisted Don Keller and establish the Boulder County CFO Roundtable group.  It functioned as a venue for CFO’s to network with other CFO’s in the technology space over a lunch that usually included an interesting speaker or presentation. It might be a venture capitalist, a successful entrepreneur or others who had a great story to share.  It was a great venue for CFO’s to network with peers and make acquaintances that they could network with on issues in their businesses.  When I left PW in 1997 I became a member of this group instead of the sponsor/facilitator.  The group continued until about 2001 when it was abandoned. 

In late 2002 several former members of the Roundtable group got together after work.  A small reunion of sorts and the results was to start something similar.  I took the lead and sent out emails to my CFO and Controller contacts about getting together.  Our vision was NO speakers, NO agenda, NO fees, just networking.  At the same time I was asked by John Greff of Sequel Venture Partners to lead a CFO conference for their portfolio companies.  In addition I asked Jim Linfield (Cooley Godward) and Mike Devry and Frank Amoroso (Silicon Valley Bank) for names of CFO’s of their clients that would appreciate this type of networking.  I ended up inviting about 80 to our first event.  Well despite a snow storm our first networking event yielded about 25 people at Old Chicago in Superior. Several networking events followed and fast forward to March 2007 we had 180+ people at the Reniassance Hotel,in November 2008 there were nearly 400 at Palettes at the Denver Art Museum and each of the last 4 events at DU.  The events are sold out each year - we need a bigger venue.

So how did the emailing of job openings start? If I recall, Mark Vellequette was looking for an accounting manager and asked if I could send out an email to the group that attended the first event in the snow storm.  Unfortunately I couldn't quite remember who all attended and so I forwared his search for an accountant to the entire group that was invited.  This triggered the start of Lew's List.  Again, fast forward to now and I send out about 100 - 125  jobs a month.  

Who’s on the list?  Mostly CFO’s, Controllers, and Finance and Accounting and Tax  folks in the Front Range of Colorado.  Over 11,000 and growing every day. I appreciate all the referrals too!   So come join Lew's List!

Lew Visscher,
Nov 19, 2009, 6:36 PM