Finance and Accounting Opportunities in Colorado

Welcome to Lew’s List!

Lew’s list is an informal email list of nearly 10,000 finance and accounting professionals in the front range of Colorado.  Lew Visscher, CFO of Catalyst Repository Systems, Inc. maintains this email list in his spare time and emails out job opportunities to members of the list on behalf of companies and recruiters looking for talented and qualified finance and accounting help. If you are interested in being a member of Lew’s List please complete the subscription box for Lew’s List on Google Groups below.

You will be notified immediately and be asked to answer a couple of questions regarding how you heard of Lew’s List and why you are interested in becoming a part of this fast growing list.

Once a member you will begin receiving emails of job opportunities and in each email there are specific instructions on how to apply.  In addition you can manage your own email address and review prior job opportunity postings there. Please do not reply to Lew for the positions posted. 

Membership in Lew’s List is free.  If you want to post an opportunity on Lew’s List please send an email to Lew at or Lew will post the opportunity quickly and he charges 3% of the salary of the person hired if successful through the list. This nominal fee helps cover expenses and costs and obviously is not enough for Lew  to quit his day job.  Keeping with the original idea behind Lew's List it helps to provide quality finance and accounting professionals to the Colorado community and similarly provide opportunities to those looking for a job or new career.

In addition to the opportunity emails Lew holds an annual networking event.  The last couple had over 400 folks in attendance at each event.  We generally have these wonderful events in May of each year.  Stay tuned for next years event and contact Lew if you are interested in sponsoring future events. 

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