What is the Mp3 Experiment

The Mp3 Experiment is modeled after the project of the same name by the comedy troop Improv Everywhere, based in NYC. Participants download an Mp3 file and put it onto their music player (help on doing this can be found on the FAQ page), but participants DO NOT listen to the file! On the day of the event you come to the specified location and when you are given the signal you press play.

Particpants will then hear a series of instructions from the narrarator. You will follow the directions described by the narrarator which might take you to various locations on campus, and do fun and funny things. Nothing will be dangerous, but some things might be mildly embarrassing. It is all aimed at helping to give you something fun and unique to do, giving you a short break from your studies to help you de-stress during the week before finals.

If you want to see an Mp3 experiment out check out the video below from Imrov Everywhere highlighting their most recent project, and then visit this link to see even more project videos.