Q. What is the Mp3 Experiment?
A. A longer discussion can be found here, but the short answer is it is the newest, most awesome and unique program coming to Lewis in 2011!

Q. Where, when, how much does it cost?
A. The Mp3 Experiment is scheduled to take place at 5PM, April 27th, at the Pavilion outside of the Den/ Union, and it is completely free.

Q. What will I need?
A. At the event you will just need yourself and your music playing device (capable of playing back Mp3 files) with our file already loaded. There will not be an opportunity to download the file at the time of the event, so make sure you come prepared. Devices that should work include iPods, Zunes, a lot of smart phones. Don't have one of these? Ask your friends, some people may have more than one capable device. Alternatively you can download the file, burn it to a CD and play the CD on a diskman.

Q. How do I download the file and put it on my device?
A. When the file is ready to download people on our contact list, will receive a message with the link to the download page. If you are not on the contact list your can visit the download page directly. You will then have to follow the procedures specific to your music player/ media management software to upload the file to your device. We suggest you do a test that the file loaded properly before coming to event, but remember don't listen to the whole file unless you want to spoil your enjoyment of the event.

Q. Who is sponsoring this event?
A. It is being organized by the Lewis Reslife Office.