First Week (11 October)

Fifty Years with C.S. Lewis’

Walter Hooper

Second Week (18 October)

C.S. Lewis and the Word of God:

Til We Have Faces Sixty Years On’

Michael Ward

Third Week (25 October)

A Star Above the Mast:

Tolkien, Faerie and The Great Escape’

Anna Thayer

Fourth Week (1 November)

The Poetics of Desire

in Thomas Traherne and C.S. Lewis’

Paul Fiddes

Fifth Week (8 November)

Dante, Lewis, and the Reordering of (the four) Love(s).'

Brian Williams

Sixth Week (15 November)

Are we Restless for Heaven? Defending Lewis's Argument from Desire”

Peter S. Williams

Seventh Week (22 November)

Lewis and Newman: Comparing Oxford Converts’

Fr. Ian Ker

Eighth Week (29 November)

Kilns Christmas Party


First Week (19th January)
‘Tolkien's Modern (!) Sources: Middle-earth Beyond the Middle Ages’
Holly Ordway

Second Week (26th January)
‘Finrod, Job, and ‘estel’: the Roots of Hope in Tolkien’
Simon Berry

Third Week (2nd February)
‘What Did C.S.Lewis Think of Himself?’
Walter Hooper

Fourth Week (9th February)
‘C.S. Lewis and the Battle Between Classicism and Romanticism’
Jonathan Kirkpatrick

Fifth Week (16th February)
‘The Air of Narnia: Stories and True Adulthood in Prince Caspian’
Anna Thayer

Sixth Week (23rd February)
‘Horrid Red Things: Why Magic, and the Death of Magic,
Are Essential to Mere Humanity’
Mark Stafford

Seventh Week (1st March)
'C.S. Lewis and King Arthur'
Gabriel Schenk

8th Week (8th March)
Read Aloud & Nibbles


First Week (13 October)
Lame and Unconvincing? Surprised by Joy Sixty Years On
Michael Ward

Second Week (20 October)
C.S. Lewis & His Circle
Roger White and Brendan & Judith Wolfe

Third Week (27 October)
An evening with Douglas Gresham: the only man alive who lived with C.S. Lewis
Douglas Gresham

Fourth Week (3 November)
The Narnian Virtues: C.S. Lewis as Character Educator
Mark Pike

Fifth Week (10 November)
Lewis in Post-War Oxford
Walter Hooper for Tony Cockshut    

Sixth Week (17 November)
The Seven Heavens: a special musical performance
James Whitbourn with Michael Ward
Location: St. John the Evangelist, Iffley Road

Seventh Week (24 November)
C.S. Lewis’s Understanding of Islam
Max Imam

Eighth Week (1st December)
Kilns Christmas Party
Location: The Kilns, Headington


First Week:
Mr Douglas Gresham, 
An Evening With Douglas Gresham 

Second Week:
Prof Peter Hunt,
Lewis's Roots and Rivals - the Children's Literature Context

Third Week:
Prof Alister McGrath, 
On Writing a Biography of C. S. Lewis
followed by our A. G. M.

Fourth Week:
Prof Jon Fennell,
A Polanyian Perspective on Lewis's The Abolition of Man

Fifth Week
Dr Heather O'Donoghue,
'Touching Greatness': Lewis's Early Poetry and Old Norse Myth

Sixth Week
Dr Jonathan Kirkpatrick,
Bacchus in Narnia: C. S. Lewis and the Classics

Seventh Week
Dr Anna Caughey, 
First Responses to Tolkien's 'The Fall of Arthur'

Eighth Week:
Society Pub Walk to Littleworth


First Week (January 18th)
Catholicism in Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings
by Stratford Caldecott

Second Week (January 25th)
Abysmally Bright: Chesterton on Chaucer, Greatness, and Poetry
By David Baird

Third Week (February 1st)
C.S. Lewis and the Psalms
By Dr Francis Warner

Fourth Week (February 8th)
Last Things: C.S. Lewis on Hell and Heaven
By Bp Kallistos Ware

Fifth Week (February 15th)
Letting In and Shutting Out:
The Theme of Doors in Lewis's Theology
By Dr Meriel Patrick

Sixth Week (February 22nd)
Original Sin in Sayers' Plays and Novels
By Margaret Hunt

Seventh Week (March 1st).
Theology of Love: C.S. Lewis and St. Augustine in Dialogue
By Jason Lepojarvi

Eighth Week (March 8th)
Book Launch of C.S. Lewis and the Church: Essays in Honour of Walter Hooper (T&T Clark)
 and Celebration of Walter Hooper's 80th Birthday


First Week (Tue. Oct 12th)
“C.S. Lewis and Historic Evangelicalism”
By Dr. Chris Mitchell

Second Week (Tue. Oct 19th)
“C.S. Lewis and Gender”
By Prof. Ann Loades

Third Week (Tue. Oct 26th)
Devilry in C.S. Lewis & The Inklings in the Context of War
By Colin Duriez

Fourth Week (Tue. Nov 2nd)
“Joy Davidman: Girl Communist”
By Abby Santamaria

Fifth Week (Tue. Nov 9th)
“My Godfather, C.S. Lewis”
By Laurence Harwood

Sixth Week (Tue. Nov 16th)
"Lewis and the Cowley Fathers"
By Will Vaus

Seventh Week (Tue. Nov 23rd)
“The Brightest Heaven of Invention: Solar Power in the Voyage of the Dawn Treader”
By Dr. Michael Ward

Eighth Week (Tue. Nov 30th)
Christmas Party at the Kilns


First Week (Tue. Jan. 20th)
Life on Other Planets in English Theology Before Lewis
by Dr Mark Edwards 
Lecturer in Patristics, University of Oxford


Second Week (Tue. Jan. 27th)

Place: Balliol College, Lecture Hall XXIII

Sub-Creation and Imagination in Lewis and Tolkien

by Prof. Ian Storey

Classics, Trent University, Ontario 

Third Week (Tue. Feb. 3rd)

Herbert and the Temple

by Dr Beatrice Groves

Wolfson College, Oxford


Fourth Week (Tue. Feb. 10th)

C. S. Lewis' Mediaevalism

by Dr Santha Bhattacharji

St. Benet's Hall

Fifth Week (Tue. Feb. 17th)

Warren Hamilton Lewis and His 'American Lady'

Dr Diana Pavlac Glyer

Azusa Pacific University

Sixth Week (Tue. Feb. 24th)

What C. S. Lewis Really Did to Chaucer's Troilus & Criseyde

by Dr Simon Horobin

Magdalen College

Seventh Week (Tue. Mar. 3rd)

Christian Narrative:  Lewis, Tolkien, and Rowling

by Matthew Hunter

Former Secretary of the Society

Eighth Week (Tue. Mar. 10th)

Special General Meeting

Agenda: constitutional ratification, project committees

Eighth Week (Thu. Mar. 12th)

Note this added Thursday meeting!

Music, Myth, and Literary Depth 

in the 'Land Without Music'

by Gregory Martin

Former Member of the Society


First Week (Oct. 14th)

The Re-invention of the Christian Myth

Rev. Hugh Rayment-Pickard

Author:  The Devil's Account:  Philip Pullman and Christianity

Second Week (Oct. 21st)

Audio and Discussion from C. S. Lewis Reading from The Four Loves

Third Week (Oct. 28th)

J. R. R. Tolkien and the Wanderer

Dr Stuart Lee

Director, OUCS; Author:  The Keys to Middle Earth

Fourth Week (Nov. 4th)

G. K. Chesterton:  Faith, Imagination, Literature

Rev. Torbjorn Holt

Rector, Norwegian Church in London

Fifth Week (Nov. 11th)

C. S. Lewis and Theological Controversy

Rev. Dr. Gerald Bray

Director of Research, The Latimer Trust

Sixth Week (Nov. 18th)

Documentary:  C. S. Lewis, dreamer of Narnia

Featuring Society Treasurer, Peter Cousins

Seventh Week (Nov. 25th)

C. S. Lewis on Petitionary Prayer

Dr Tim Mawson

Tutor in Philosophy, St Peter's College

Eighth Week (Dec. 2nd)

Christmas Party at the Kilns



First Week (Tue 22 April)

Faerie in J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis: Escape vs. Recovery

by John Robinson

Visiting Student


Second Week (Tue 29 April)

A Fertile Friendship: C.S. Lewis and Austin Farrer

by Revd Robert MacSwain

Ramsey Fellow and College Chaplain, St Chad's College, University of Durham


Third Week (Tue 6 May)

Tutored Ale Tasting at The Turf Tavern


Fourth Week (Tue 13 May)

Dr Who and I

by Paul Cornell

Author, "Dr Who"


Fifth Week (Tue 20 May)

Audio and Discussion of C. S. Lewis Reading from the Four Loves


Sixth Week (Tue 27 May)

C.S. Lewis and the Psalms

by Dr Francis Warner

 Lord White Fellow (now Emeritus) and Tutor in English Literature at St Peter's College, Oxford; C.S. Lewis' last graduate student


Seventh Week (Tue 3 June)

Donald Swann, J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis

by Leon Berger

Administrator, Donald Swann Archives


Eighth Week (Tue 10 June)

Annual Pub Walk



First Week

The Abolition of Man and the Problem of Gender

by Dr Joe Ricke

Professor of English, Taylor University


Second Week

J.R.R. Tolkien, George MacDonald, and the Cauldron of Story

by Catherine Barnett

Student at Taylor University


Third Week

Charles Williams, Iris Murdoch, and the Flight from the Enchanter

by Timothy Pitt-Payne



Fourth Week

If Religion is Dangerous, What Should Happen to Believers?: The Dawkins Debate

by John Cornwell

Author of Darwin's Angel: An Angelic Riposte to The God Delusion


Fifth Week

Tour of the Kilns (Lewis' Home)


Sixth Week

Slide Show with Original Photographs relating to C.S. Lewis' Life and Work


Seventh Week

Charles Williams: Alchemy and Integration

by Revd Dr Gavin Ashenden

 Senior Chaplain and Lecturer in the Psychology of Religion, Sussex University


Eighth Week

Book Launch: PLANET NARNIA by Michael Ward




First Week (Tue 9 October)

President's Introduction followed by a Drinks Reception

Second Week (Tue 16 October)

Owen Barfield: His Work and Literary Estate

by Owen Barfield

Grandson of Owen Barfield

Third Week (Tue 23 October)

Tolkien's Legendarium: Which is the most Authoritative Expression?

by Richard Jeffery

Fourth Week (Tue 30 October)

Insights from C. S. Lewis for Christian Apologetics Today

by Joe Martin

Independent scholar

Fifth Week (Tue 6 November)

Reflections on My Work as C. S. Lewis’ Editor

by Walter Hooper

Friend, Biographer and Editor of C. S. Lewis

Sixth Week (13 November)

On Charges of Racism against C. S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien

by Joshua Roberts

Seventh Week (Tue 20 November)

Advent readings from the Inklings at the Kilns (C. S. Lewis’ home)

Eighth Week (Tue 27 November)

Christmas in the ‘Oxford School’ of Children's Literature

by Maria Cecire

DPhil student in English Literature, Keble College




First Week (24 April):

'Laughing at Satan: Humorous Representations of the Devil in Early Medieval Literature'

by Leon Pickering 

Second Week (1 May): 

Richard Jeffrey


Third Week (8 May): 

‘The Lion, the Witch, and the Cricket Ball:  C. S. Lewis and Old Norse Mythology’

Professor Heather O'Donoghue

Tutor in English, Oxford University


Fourth Week (15 May, 7.00 p.m.): 

'Tracing the Inklings:  A Guided Tour through Lewis's Oxford', beginning at the Eagle & Child Pub

Rev Dr Jeanette Sears


Fifth Week (22 May):

‘Reflections on a Friendship: C. S. Lewis and Sheldon Vanauken’

John Holloway and Nathan Grills


Sixth Week (29 May):

‘Lewis as a Writer of Christian Doctrine’

Rev Professor Paul Fiddes

Principal of Regent's Park College


Seventh Week (5 June):  

Annual walk to The Trout -- a favourite walk of Lewis and the Inklings



First Week, 16 January: 
Selections from Dorothy Sayers’s The Man Born to Be King
A Dramatic Reading by Students from Taylor University

Second Week, 23 January: 
Author Colin Duriez,
‘Myth, Fact, and Incarnation: The Quest for the Real in C. S. Lewis’

Fourth Week, 6 February: 
Joe Martin,
‘Insights from Lewis for Christian Apologetics Today’ [postponed]

Fifth Week, 13 February: 
Romy Cerratti,
‘"Are you with me?" "To the death!": Fellowship in the Works of C. S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien’

Seventh Week, 27 February: 
Dinner and tour at The Kilns

Eighth Week, 6 March: 
Rev. Dr. Michael Ward,
‘What The Heck Does It Matter If We Don't Cotton On To The Complex Patterns In Lewis's Poetry?’




First Week (10 October): 

'The Completion of Volume III of Lewis's Collected Correspondence:  An Evening of Questions and Answers with Editor Walter Hooper'

Second Week (17 October): 

Dr. Judith Priestman,

'John Betjeman and C. S. Lewis:  The Dilettante and the Don' 

(NOTE change of venue and time.  This is a special meeting at 2.15 p.m. at the Bodleian Library's Betjeman exhibition.  Dr. Priestman's tour will feature unseen Lewis material and other items relating to Oxford undergraduate life in the 1920s.)

Third Week (24 October): 

Professor Ian Storey,

'Classical Allusions in C. S. Lewis’s Till We Have Faces'


Fourth Week (31 October): 

Aidan Mackey,

'The Moral Imagination:  George Macdonald, G. K. Chesterton, and C. S. Lewis'


Fifth Week (7 November):

Richard Jeffery,

'Boxen:  The Imagination of Young C. S. Lewis'


Sixth Week (14 November):

Brendan Wolfe,

'Philology in Lewis and Tolkien'


Seventh Week (21 November):

Leslie Marsh,

'The Historical Jesus:  Was Lewis Right?'


Eighth Week (28 November):

Bring a Book to The Kilns:  Favourite Christmas-Themed Readings from The Inklings


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