In conjunction with the opera, the Oxford C.S. Lewis Society hosted a two-day international colloquium on C.S. Lewis’ PERELANDRA, with keynote addresses by Walter Hooper and Michael Ward.



The colloquium was supported by the L. Russ Bush Center for Faith and Culture.

A proceedings will be available in Winter 2010.




 Other Speakers included:


Revd Gregory Anderson, Union Church Hong Kong

Dr Nikolay Epplee, Moscow State University

Prof. Paul Fiddes, Oxford University

Prof. Monika Hilder, Trinity Western University, British Columbia

Prof. Charles Huttar, Hope College

Dr Bruce Johnson, Scottsdale Presbyterian Church

Prof. Rod Miller, Hendrix College

Dr David O'Hara, Augustana College

Dr Meriel Patrick, Oxford University

Prof. William Phemister, Wheaton College

Prof. Sanford Schwartz, Pennsylvania State University

Prof. Eliane Tixier, University of Toulouse

Prof. Michael Travers, Louisiana College

Revd Will Vaus, Will Vaus Ministries







9-9.30 Registration and Coffee

9.30-10.40 Welcome and Keynote Address

11-12.15 First Panel session


12.15-1.15 Lunch


1.30-2.45 Second Panel session

3.00-4.30 Optional Inklings Tour of Oxford


7.00 Perelandra the Opera at the Sheldonian Theatre

10.30-0.00 Late night drinks



8.00-8.45 Breakfast (for residential delegates)

8.45-9.15 Morning prayer

9.30-10.30 Round Table with Production Team

10.45-12.00 Third Panel session


12-1.00 Lunch


1.00-2.15 Fourth Panel session

2.15-3.30 Closing Keynote address

4.30-5.30 Optional Tour of the Kilns, Lewis' Oxford home



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