Project suggestions for UG & MSc Degrees
(contact me to discuss)

Colour Map of Britain - In a previous UG project, a student scraped Google StreetView to measure visual discomfort across the UK. In this project the student would improve the scraping method so that more data can be compiled, measure the variation in average colour across the UK, and make a visualization of the results.

Semantic Analysis for Security - Project will involve fairly simple machine learning and natural language processing. Prefer not to post details openly on the web for now - can describe in person.

Computational Film Analysis - I have access to a database of shot type and duration for a large number of films. The project would build visualisation tools for this dataset and explore how much film review scores can be predicted from these statistics.

Visualization of Brain Activation Data - With Jeremy Skipper (Psychology, UCL) we have a database of brain activation scans while watching movies. The activation patterns have been distilled into network structures. We'd like a prototype tool to visualize these networks, and the accompanying film moment.

Open to other ideas in Image Computing.