Lewis D Griffin's Home Page

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Computer Science,
5.02 Malet Place Engineering Building
University College London
London WC1E 6BT



Office Hours for module assistance and personal tuttees: Mon & Wed 12.30-1.30. Occasionally I will not be there, please come again.


Reader in the Dept of Computer Science at University College London

PI of the Griffin Lab.

PI of the COMPASS Group.

Deputy Director of CoMPLEX.

Co-director of MRes 'Analyzing Biological Complexity'

UCL Director of UCL/DeepMind Doctoral Training Centre in 'Neuroscience & AI'

Module co-leader of COMP206P - Maths & Statistics.

Module co-leader of GV11 - Geometry of Images.



I research on Computational Vision with particular emphasis on Spatial Vision and Colour Vision. I develop abstracted, mathematically rigorous models of human vision and use these models to build powerful machine vision systems. 

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