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The musicalisation of the Hunting of the Snark started life as a concept album in 1984 starring several names including Art Garfunkel, John Hurt, Sir John Gielgud, Roger Daltrey and Cliff Richard. Later it was performed as a concert at the Albert Hall starring Billy Connolly as 'The Bellman' and many performers recreating their roles from the concept recording. On 24th October 1991 the Snark opened in London starring Philip Quast, David McCallum, Kenny Everitt, Mark McGann,John Partridge and Veronica Hart to poor reviews.




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Some of you may know Michael Sporn through his many wonderful animated films, including, THe Hunting of the Snark, Doctor Desoto (an Oscar nominee), Abel’s Island, What’s Under My Bed, The Little Match Girl, Ira Sleeps Over, White Wash, Mona, Mon Amor and The Man Who Walked Between the Towers.  Most of his films are multi-award winners, and animation festival favorites.  Sporn has also received a number of Emmy nominations for his television work, and in 2007 the Modern Museum of Art in Manhattan held a Retrospective exhibit of his body of work, no mean feat for an animator.



1986 'The Hunting of the Snark' directed by Fred Weiss






Author - Alan White published by The Lewis Carroll Society, London in April 2011. This little booklet is the transcript of a dinner party address delivered in 1966 and produced to commemorate the author, a long time member of the society, who died recently.


To represent an absurd ship with which "the bowsprit got mixed with the rudder sometimes," I took a Mega Bloks "Pirates of the Caribbean Black Pearl" and left out the two middle sections - so I'd just have the fore and aft sections for a very squat ship, with a removable set of masts (for better access to miniatures). from; http://greywolf.critter.net/savageworlds/wnm/photos.htm

Michael McNeff's amazing new film adaptation of Lewis Carol's 'The Hunting of the Snark' uses cutting edge technology to successfully capture the story's enchanting world on the big screen. A curious bunch of adventurers set off across the seas in search of a mysterious island that is home to all manor of bazaar and often dangerous creatures, including the much desired delicacy, The Snark! To catch such a beast is a true prize indeed, but they come in many shapes and sizes and the pursuit can often prove perilous, particularly as not all Snarks are what they seem...From;  http://suepunpuck.com/portfolio/item/portfolio/the-hunting-of-the-snark.html



The Hunting of the Snark is an animated feature about a group of strange individuals that embark on a voyage with the aim of capturing “The Snark,” regardless of the fact that none of them even know what it is, or how to catch it, the film is  directed by Saranne Bensusan with several other confirmed crew members. For details see http://www.thehuntingofthesnark.co.uk/index.html




Putting on a U.S. Premiere stage production that could legitimately be called an "intimate opera" seems like challenge enough. But Chicago Opera Vanguard's latest show, Boojum!, ups the ante by tackling a subject that makes practically no sense at all: Lewis Carroll's mock-epic poem. from; http://www.gapersblock.com/ac/2010/12/04/boojum-surprises-and-perplexes-in-the-name-of-lewis-carroll/

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Courage. Hope. Care. Boojummy. The term is derived from Louis (sic) Carroll’s Hunting of the Snark. The Boojum, the most dangerous kind of snark, is found on an island many months sail from England, betwixt and between the dark crevices and crags. When you find one, so they say, you disappear. Forever. I kind of like to think it’s because you find yourself. In addition to courage, hope and care, you also need thimbles and forks – think Robert Frost two roads in a wood, not last night’s dinner – when you set out on a snark hunt.