4. Other Alice firsts

This is the 1st German edition of Alice published in 1869 by Macmillan, issued in Green cloth. It is worth noting that because they have used the English page numbers for the chapters they are listed wrongly. The German publisher Harknoch, published their own edition later in 1869 from the same setting of type. Although it is not possible to say for sure which issue came first. 

Below is the title page of the 1st Italian edition of Alice published in 1872 issued in Orange cloth. There is a 2nd issue of this without the gold lines around the border and only the top edge is gilt, published at a later date. There was also an edition published by Ermanno Loescher, Torino in the same year.

This is the 1st French edition of Alice published in 1869 issued in Blue cloth as shown, the French publisher Hachette published their own edition in 1870
Below is the cover of the first American Alice. This was the first edition to be published completely in America by Lee & Sheppard; Boston in 1869