9. Miscellaneous books and ephemera

The Wonderland Stamp-case with 'Eight or nine wise words about Letter-Writing' was first issued in July 1890 by Emberlin & Son, there were several issues. The stamp-case consists of a detachable cardboard cover which contains an inner case with pockets to hold stamps. The items were contained in an envelope as shown. The case was first issued on its own in March 1890, the first issue omits the publisher's imprint. The Stamp-case shown is probably the 3rd edition. 

Published by Weekes in 1870 this is a set of poems from 'Wonderland' set to music. Carroll wrote additional lines to one of the poems for this book. There are several versions of the first edition of which the one below is an example.
This Birthday Book was published in 1884 by Griffith and Farran, London 'by permission of the author'. It was compiled by E. Stanley Leathes and each month has a full page illustration by JPM.

An Exhibition to commemorated the centenary of Carroll's birth in 1832 was held in London and the book below was issued by J & E Bumpus, London at the time. It was limited to 400 numbered copies and contained a Catalogue of the Exhibition, an essay by Harold Hartley and additional literary pieces with six illustration. The 116 page Catalogue was also issued separately, price 'one shilling'.
This small pamphlet (8 pages) was published in 1932 by J & E Bumpus. It is a copy of the speech that J C Squire gave at the opening ceremony of The Centenary Exhibition, delivered on 28th June 1932. It includes an invitation to attend the exhibition designed by Rex Whistler which tells us that the speakers included Mrs Hargreaves and Gerald Du Maurier.

This edition of the 'Bibliography of the writings of Lewis Carroll' was published by The Bookman's Journal London in 1924. It was limited to 700 numbered copies. It was the first form of the 'Handbook' which was published by OUP in 1931, revised several times, the last being in 1979 by Denis Crutch from which most of the information given on this web site is taken.


Pitman Shorthand edition of Alice's Adventures, New Era Edition undated c1950. published by Sir Isaac Pitman & Sons London.


The Alice books have been dramatised several time, the book below is the first adaption I could find, published in 1880 by Swan Sonnenschein and Allen. The Preface thanks Mr Lewis Carroll for his permission to dramatise his 'charming story'. The book had 8 plates by Mary Sibree and as well as the text it contains 'original and adapted' music. There are 3 other children's stories included in the book. The first adaption listed in Williams et al is in 1886. There was a companion 'Looking-Glass' volume by the same publisher in 1882. The author presented a copy to Carroll, which he returned with a note "I may candidly confess, it would be a much higher gratification to me to possess a copy given to me by the author, with my name written in it in her own hand..." It is known that Carroll attended a performance of the play in 1889



'The Life and Letters of Lewis Carroll' was written by Stuart Dodgson Collingwood and published in 1898 by T. Fisher Unwin, London. Collingwood was Carroll's nephew. The book contained 19 photos and drawings by Carroll and others. A companion volume 'The Lewis Carroll Picture Book' edited by Collingwood was published the following year. (see listing on 'other 1st editions page')



This book is by 'The real Alice in Wonderland', Miss Isa Bowman and was published in 1899 by J M Dent, London. It contains letters, sketches and photos by Lewis Carroll. Miss Bowman appeared on stage as Alice in 1888.



A variety of item arose from the popularity of the Alice books and just three are shown below; De La Rue Card Games, Carreras Cigarette Cards and an A L Bowley illustrated Jigsaw





Published by The Gregg Publishing Company in New York, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco and Liverpool in England, is the 1919 "Alice in Wonderland" Gregg Shorthand first edition with Shorthand Plates by Georgie Gregg and illustrations by Thomas Maybank. It is a hardback book with "D83" printer's code on the reverse side of the title page plus dust jacket (added later) as shown below. In May 1926, an identical hardback version of "Alice in Wonderland" in Gregg Shorthand was published. The shorthand plates and all other book elements were identical to the 1919 "D83" hardback version with two exceptions. The list of Gregg Publishing Company Offices on the title page was updated to remove Liverpool (closed in late 1920) and to add London (opened in late 1920). Also, the new printer's code "E-59-F-25" (E-78-NP-5 for the 1931 edition) appeared on the reverse side of the title page." http://archive.org/details/AliceInWonderland-PrintedInGreggShorthand-AnniversaryEdition.