Policy Goals

The Bureau of Tobacco Prevention Programs (BTPP) of the Florida Department of Health receives funding to implement an evidence-based comprehensive tobacco prevention program for the state of Florida. The tobacco prevention program is called Tobacco Free Florida, and an organization in each county is grant funded to achieve policy and systems changes in the local communities to prevent tobacco use. The Levy County Health Department Tobacco Prevention Program has been funded since 2007 to address tobacco use in Levy County's schools and communities.

The Value of Policy Change

A comprehensive statewide tobacco control program is a coordinated effort to establish smoke-free policies and social norns, to promote and assist tobacco users to quit, and to prevent initiation of tobacco use. This comprehensive approach combines educational, clinical, regulatory, economic, and social strategies.
Research has documented the effectiveness of laws and policies in a comprehensive tobacco control effort to protect the public from secondhand smoke exposure, promote cessation, and prevent initiation, including increasing the unit price of tobacco products and implementing smoking bans through policies, regulations, and laws; providing insurance coverage for tobacco use treatment; and limiting minors' access to tobacco products. Additionally, research has shown greater effectiveness with multi-component intervention efforts that integrate the implementation of programmatic and policy interventions to influence social norms, systems, and networks.
We define "system" as an organization structured at community, regional, state, national, or global level that engages many individuals in a collection of interrelated activities. We define "change" as a permanent and holistic modification of a policy or operational approach at one or more of these organizational levels that sustains the project's efforts. The "organizational" level includes changes made within healthcare and social service delivery systems involving policy, training, resource access, and work flow that show strengthened alignment with prevention.


  • Tobacco Free Schools - This policy refers to strengthening the School Board of Levy County's current tobacco free policy to include all persons, at all times, on all district owned property.
  • Tobacco Free Multi-Unit Housing - This policy refers to working with local landlords and rental property owners to establish tobacco free policies for their rental units.
  • Candy Flavored Tobacco - This policy refers to working with our city and county commissioners to pass a resolution that acknowledges the dangers of candy flavored tobacco as it is designed to appeal to kids.
  • Tobacco Retailers - This policy refers to working with local tobacco retailers to supplement their in-store tobacco advertising with information and resources to promote cessation from tobacco.