Ashkenazi Y-DNA Haplogroup L

There is currently one Ashkenazi ancestral branch in haplogroup L, without any branching: (1) L-PAGE00116.


Upstream SNPs:
TMRCA (YFull Tree)
L-FGC36845: 4,300 ybp (3,500-5300 ybp @ 95%) (L-FGC36845 is one SNP above L-PAGES00116)
L-M349 (AB-063): 11-1226 CE (@95%)

Without branching, it is difficult to evaluate the L-PAGES00116 cluster.

Upstream SNPs.  L-M20 is upstream from L-PAGES00116, a SNP found in an Ashkenazi Y-DNA cluster.  

If men who are reported based upon STR or Geno 2.0 testing as L-M20+ are of Ashkenazi descent on their direct male line, there is a high probability that such men belong to the L-PAGES00116 Ashkenazi Y-DNA cluster.  However, a large proportion of the men reported as L-M20+ are not of Ashkenazi descent on their direct male lines.