How I came to Sahaja Yoga - the Meta Science

 I seeked the Truth all my life. First since my childhood I thought that music is something really special that uplifts our spirit. But later on I felt that I have so many questions about life, about myself to which music could not answer. I understood that music just made me feel nice for a while, but then I come back to reality and I had to face the challenges of the life that were far from music.
And I felt my questions were not answered. I also enjoyed singing, and I was studying it professionally, but I felt that it is something that comes from me to the outside world while I don't even know anything about my own Self. I graduated from musical school at the age of fourteen while I still was not satisfied from inside.

 I wanted to study seriously something that would help me understand the world inside and outside of me.

According to Russian culture at that time (where was no place for religion) science was the thing which was supposed to answer all the questions.
Then I started studying mathematics. I went to mathematics high school for 3 years. Mathematics is such a wonderful pure science that was
always said to be very godly and divine. Yet very soon I felt it was limited as well. 
In the university I studied Electrical Engineering and later on for my Masters Degree I did Applied Mathematics. I became scientist. Then I did research work in Mathematics, did my Phd.

I had hundreds of acticles, all the time wrote something new which I discovered and discribed. The general opinion about science was such in Russia: science can answer all the questions. But as a scientict myself I had to admit that could not be true: even if you to try to describe even a simplest molecule or atom you will see another whole universe inside of it - you could say they were planets inside of it, and just as I was looking for perfection to learn something completely once and for all I could not completely understand even one simple atom. So my doubts would not leave me and I was understanding that I am still quite away from the Truth.

Then the time of Perestroika came and the freedom came to the land of Russia. Many new spiritual directions and practices started to spread then among Russian people. Some came from abroad and some were "home-made". 

Astrology, different teachings, some teachers were openly saying that they are not from God (but from evil), still people followed them, well, because many just did not believe in God anyway.

 There were some meeting of seekers too, which were organised in a hall of a movie theatre, where the people that have been to different directions would present to everybody what they have learned. On one of such meetings one man who just went to Sahaja Yoga meeting couple of times and learned how to give self-realization shared his experience with us and he gave self-realization to everybody present in the hall. We followed very simple statements,few steps and in 5-10 minutes everybody felt cool or hot breeze on their hands and on the top of head.
When I experienced it I felt ... as fresh air about which I dreamed and waited all my life, all the time I spent in music, in science, with company of my best friends. I began to practice Sahaja Yoga, I started coming to the place where they had meetings. 

They had an audiotape available of Shri Mataji's program She gave in August 1989. I borrowed then the tape from the center it had translation into Russian. I brought it home and everybody in my family got self-realization at home.

This lecture that Shri Mataji gave was so full of love to all the people and it touched the deepest part of my self. I liked it so much that every day I listened to this lecture at home. And I went again and again with this tape through the experience of
self-realization, and every time I felt more and more cool breeze coming. And I could really feel my Spirit deep inside enjoying. My husband took this audiotape to his job and listened to it every day with his co-workers during lunch hour.

He was a manager and had about 15 people in his group. Then Shri Mataji came to Russia and we came to Her lecture.Shri Mataji spoke in a very scientific manner and the things She told were so deep and amazing that as a scientist I felt
that even one lecture could be worth of several PhD degrees awarded for it:
according to the scientific requirements: new idea + prove, then again new idea + prove , then again .....
Shri Mataji paid lots of attention to medical questions, as these were very painful in Russian society. It was amusing, and than again this cool breeze of joy, joy, joy......

As so many people were not well in Russia She asked medical doctors from abroad who were practicing Sahaja Yoga to come and help Russian people. With Sahaja Yoga doctors could do much more as they could work on a subtle level, not to count all the natural medicines from India. I understood that Sahaja Yoga is Meta Science, it goes beyond science. Unless we get our self-realization our mind is not connected to the reality around us, and in such condition it is limited. Self-realization is our evolutionary process, and the whole society rise to a new level of collective awareness when we can feel what is going on inside of us and in the Nature.

When our power of Love is no longer mental, but we are actually connected to the mains, and it flows through us, heals, balances, brings peace to our friends, loved ones, to the world, to the environment and most importanly we become our own guide on the way
of our spiritual ascent as we perfect ourselves in the light of our Spirit. This deep feeling of our Self, free, one with the Divine, we can feel so tangibly, that you know for sure... That you get more proof than you wanted.

At the end of lecture, Shri Mataji said: " God bless you..." It was so great to say it openly in our society so anti-religious at that time. But we knew for sure.  

She said: "As scienticts you should see if it works or not, and take it as a proof." 

And it worked, it was great!!!

 With love and respect to All yogis, to All seekers of truth,

 Raya Levitan ( I apologise for my mistakes in English).