Welcome to your Level 2 field experience!

Welcome to your Level 2 field experience at UNI, where teacher education is integral to our core mission. Our UNI field experience coordinators and partner school mentor teachers are looking forward to meeting you and to working with you over the next few weeks in understanding and establishing rapport with PreK-12 students, assisting you in developing and teaching two lessons, and answering questions you may have along the way.  We invite you to be an active participant in your placement classroom and to take every opportunity to interact with and assist our students. If you aren’t sure how to do this, ask your coordinator and/or mentor teacher for suggestions. You are invited to attend school extracurricular activities and to contact our school and district offices for additional volunteer opportunities.

At Level 2, your placement schedule should allow you to observe and participate in an unfolding unit of instruction.  You will see how our teachers introduce new material; gradually build deep conceptual understanding; continually motivate, manage, and assess student learning; and build to rigorous learning outcomes.  You will also have the opportunity to plan and implement two connected lessons using the same teacher work sample methodology you will see in other UNI courses and in student teaching, and which scaffolds the process master teachers use to create powerful instruction. Along the way, you will have a UNI field experience coordinator committed to helping you develop, learn, and grow as an educator with observations and reflective conferencing, response journaling, sharing resources, assisting with lesson planning, and providing feedback and encouragement; as well as a mentor teacher in the classroom.

In addition, we hope that you find this website helpful.  If you have suggestions for improving this site, have concerns about your field experience or placement, or would like to submit your completed L2TWS for our examples page, please contact becky.hawbaker@uni.edu.

Before you begin the experience, be sure that you:
•provide a copy of your OSHA Training certificate to your Field Experience Coordinator
•show copies of your DCI Criminal History Background Check and Mandatory Reporter of Abuse Training
•locate or order your UNI nametag

Best wishes for an outstanding experience!