Welcome to the official Level1 site!
Level1 is an horizontal-scroll action game. The game revives classic elements of the 80's arcade machines, mixing Beat'em Up, platform and action gameplay features.

Level1 takes place in an alternative future universe, where a conflict between humans and gods is about to come into a war.

Each player will control one of the four sisters, daughters of the union between the elements godess and a human. They must confront an army of humans and cyborgs, that is defying the gods, in an epic battle that will lead the players to the devastated South City, the last trace remaining of human civilization. They will count with their element-control powers combined with the most advanced human bio-technology.


09/26/2010 - Uploaded a new version: Level1 v 1.1.3278. Fixed two missions that couldn't be completed and added three more missions. 

Uploaded the DVD cover too.

09/24/2010 - The game has been declared as "Best proyect" by the jury of the Master in Videogame Development, in the end of term ceremony.

09/20/2010 - New version released! In this moment we are uploading a new version, with lots of new features, three new levels, missions and videos!

You can download it from here, or from our downloads page. Remember to send us your feedback and comments to level1thegame@gmail.com. Thanks for playing!

09/07/2010 - Here it is a 3Ds max render of the new Chapter One:

The bridge has been renewed and you can see at the end of it the giant doors of South City. Soon it will be available to download.

08/26/2010 - We've updated the Game Story page, with the background of the four sisters.

08/20/2010 - Theese days we've been redesigning the menu graphics, and game logo. We've adapted the web to this appearence.

The appereance of the logo is now more serious, and shows the four elements in little spheres. Soon we'll upload a new version with a lot of changes, including new items, new features and few changes in the gameplay. Here is a screenshot of the new character selection screen: