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 A week free of charge in


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Leukothea D.o.o. and Regency Club Resorts has made a special agreement. Based on this special agreement, every clients of Leukothea D.o.o. have a right to spend one week at Regency Club Resort for FREE!!!

We already were there. But we will turn back in November. Here are some pictures about our fantastic vacation.


The resort

At the beach

At the resort's pool

SIAM park

Time to have ice cream 

At the "Gigantes"

The "Dragon tree"

At the "sleeping" Teide vulcano



Usefull links:

Loro parque

Siam park



Contact us for more information:


email: leukotheadoo@gmail.com

Mobil: + 36 30 9 629 289

Fax: + 36 (1) 998 0266

This is free for you, you do not need to purchase or buy anything to get this promotion.


You can stay there with your family (two adults and two children).


What you should do?


  • Apply for this promotion. Send an email to leukotheadoo@gmail.com or a fax to + 36 1 998 0266 with the following information:


    • Your name
    • The date when you were on Leukothea or Leukothea II
    • Your email address or fax or mobil number 
    • The period when you would like to spend a week in Tenerife


What will happen then?


  • We will send a request for the free accommodation to the resort
  • They will confirm the available date(s) when you can go. It usually not a problem to find available date when you want to go, but we need the Resort confirmation. You will get this confirmation for your records with contact names phone numbers etc..
  • You need to purchase the air ticket. We can help you to find the best price if you request.
  • You package and fly to Tenerife



More details can find here: Regency resorts


When should you go?

Any time is a good time. You should forget the winter, the autumn, or the hot summer. This place has a miracle clima, every day has a same weather, 26-28 C. And every week is a high season. There are no low season, because of this fantastic clima.