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Looking for volunteers

posted 14 Jun 2017, 00:42 by Letton Village
Looking for volunteers
Request from Kinnersley & District Parish Plan Action Plan Committee.

Objective 6 of the above Parish Plan is to establish a community open space in Kinnersley,
Letton and Norton Canon.
We are looking for volunteers for a steering committee to explore this project; is there a local
support for such a facility? Could a planning application be successful? Can the grant money be
Land has been identified in Letton, off the A438, of approximately 3/4 acre. Planning permission
for housing has twice been refused and the owner is willing to consider its use as small park/ play
area to provide facilities for all ages. It is alongside a vehicular access entrance to 4 domiciles.
The landowner is happy for the land to be used as a multipurpose park to provide facilities for all
ages at a "peppercorn" rent and a 30 year renewable lease. It already has an interesting
selection of mature greenery which could easily be developed into an established park.
Purpose of the land to provide:- (over time)
A tarmac path suitable for both walking and cycling with occasional seating for elderly needing to
walk in safety
A ball play area
Outdoor gym equipment
A secure play area for younger children with seating
A parking area
Sheltered seating
Hereford Community Grants Advisor has advised that it should be possible to pursue grants, local
and national, to meet most needs, providing local support for the project has been proven, and the
planning application agreed.
The action Plan group has set aside money for initial investigations into the feasibility of such a
scheme. We have no doubt about the desirability. There is increasing difficulty in walking on the
roads, given the volume, size and speed of the traffic, and scarcity of pavement areas or smooth
pathways necessary for those who are challenged with mobility or balance issues. This in turn
leads to a deterioration in activity which could be hopefully remedied by the provision of a safe
walking area with the provision of seating. This type of opportunity to gently increase the
distances covered could do much to improve the health of many of our aging, and not so aging,
rural population.
Anyone who is interested in helping explore the possible development and maintenance of such a
small park area please contact:-
Derys Maddox, 01544 327268 .